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I have had one of those days where I feel as though I’ve been rather unproductive.  I did go to a munch this evening and to a friend’s house after.  I had planned to get up early and do some weeding before it got too hot, and then I slept in a bit and when I went out and did a little, the heat drove me in, so I didn’t do that.

I could have gone down to the basement and worked a bit more on the shelves, but as I might have mentioned, I am sick of books.  I will put in an hour or so tomorrow, but I can’t do a lot more until the old bookcases are repaired and I can’t do that, so it has to wait.

I was going to make some phone calls, although I know from experience holiday weekends aren’t great for that, so it was easy to blow off.

I could have tidied the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher, which needs to be done, but I did not do that, either.

I could have gone to K-Mart and returned the lawn chair cushions that didn’t fit, but I didn’t leave early enough before the munch to do that.

I didn’t leave early enough because I took a nap this afternoon.  I couldn’t seem to hold my eyes open, so I stopped trying.  I don’t often nap, I don’t sleep well in general, but I slept for nearly two hours this afternoon, and that did feel lovely.

I could have done something this evening and sort of had planned to, but I went to the friend’s house, so I didn’t do that.

I believe the only two things I accomplished today were to get rid of that porn collection – a friend took it for a horny 20-year old they knew – and I went through a few magazines.

I found a stack of them in the basement, old women’s magazines, the kind with the tempting-looking cake on the front, which promises organized closets and well-behaved children if only you follow the directions included in that very magazine.  I find it more rational to pull out the four pages I actually want from the magazine and recycle the other 120 pages.

I did water outside plants and pots a bit.  I watched some programs I had recorded on my DVR and got it back down under 70%.

And I wrote this blog.

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  • aisha  says:

    Ms. Constance, you’re blogging!! {i know, you already knew that…} Yay!! Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope you enjoy it as much as i have ~ as much as i do.

    i’ll let you get your blogging feet under you a bit before i start promoting, unless you don’t want to wait.

    i’m really excited though! This’ll be great!


  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    I am, yes. I thought it would be good to get at least a small body of work before I pushed it too much, so there might be enough there to keep someone interested and/or coming back. In another week or two, I will likely add the url to my profiles, etc.

    Do keep checking back, though, if you will. I’m particularly pleased with the header. It’s more a coincidence that the black background on the photo bleeds into the black background on the page, but hey, I’ll take it.

    I’m also still playing with adding things like menus, etc., so in another week or two it should look like a “real” blog.

    Hope you got your A/C fixed!

  • aisha  says:

    Thanks, I did get it fixed, and YES I love the header!!! It is so perfectly you.

    I’ll be back for sure…

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