A Busy Saturday

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He had a very pleasant day, in which we accomplished a lot, two of my very favorite things.

I did my usual yard sale thing this morning, and found some nifty stuff.  drew got clothes, some naturalist books and his favorite, three aluminum outlines of birds, clearly made by a person and not a mold or company, that I thought he would like hung on his workshop doors down at his house in Western Kentucky.

I found some shoes, a book or two, and several plants.  I recently cleaned out the small bed on the kitchen side of the house and it needed some plants.  The spot gets baking sun most of the day during the summer, so it isn’t a spot for sissy plants.

I bought four sedums, a succulent that will do well there, and four small pots of Siberian iris, on which I spent exactly $1.85.

I met drew for a salad lunch, then we ran to Home Depot to get some top soil and mulch for the new bed.  It’s the only real area of the whole property with poor soil because it’s never really been supplemented.  That total was $10.05.

drew then dropped me off at the nail salon, where I had my nails painted a bright metallic blue.  I usually do reds, but I decided to try the blue and am liking it enough to do it again.

Then drew picked me up on the scooter and we went out for about three hours, scooting all over the city.  We went downtown, then to the Harley Davidson store, because my birthday present is apparently a much nicer – and safer – helmet.  We laughed about not letting them know we were driving a scooter, for fear there really was some rule about beating us up.

We also looked around at all the motorcycles, which have never really interested me at all before, but I do admit that they’re looking a lot more interesting than they used to.  We’re not going to be doing anything about it any time soon, and maybe not ever, but I can see the appeal more.

We drove through Calvary Cemetary, and found a fallen 150 old tree that he’s going to see if he can use for tabletops.  This is the week for the quarterly debris pickup, too, and the city always – I imagine intentionally – is at least a week later in actually picking it up than they tell you is the date.

What this does is gives everyone time to drive around, notice things they need or want, and take them home themselves.  Rather things go to a good home/someone who needs or uses them than end up in a landfill somewhere.

Our finds in the past have included a lot of flower pots, some very large, some very expensive, all of them very nice.  We found a long old-fashioned wooden ladder once that later became the access to drew’s brother’s children’s tree house.  I have a small bench I use for plants that had the same origins.

We found, on our first foray, a small shelf unit that replaced something impractical in the garage.  drew found under it three small pieces of thin plywood that he needed for a small house project.

We stopped at an old ice cream stand on the ride, one that Beth and I used to go to, years ago, and were ordering when we heard a voice saying, “That looks like Constance and drew,” and turned to find, behind the counter, one of my old playmates, Damian.

Damian is genuinely strikingly handsome, Italian parents, dark eyes, dark skin, white teeth, and this great salt and pepper hair.  When he and I were seeing each other – never regularly, once every month or two – he was also teaching swimming and giving spin classes at a gym for extra money.  He was not only gorgeous, but had an ass one could bounce a Buick off of.

He has always acted as if he were totally unaware that he is the type to get second and third glances in restaurants and at parties.  I used to take him with me to public play parties and I have had women come up to me and apologize to me for having stared at him.

I was playing with him once a long time ago, the first time we had ever played and he was wearing a steel cock ring.  I had a knife and each time I tapped the steel tip on the steel ring, his fairly impressive dick would twitch in response.

One of the leaders of the group who was putting on the party, a black gentleman who was VERY straight – not narrow, but he was very heterosexual – came over to me and tapped my arm to get my attention.  I looked and he was turning his hand as if screwing in a light bulb and saying, “Turn him around…”

Anyway, Damian saw his kinkiness as not really that pervasive in his life.  He was relatively kinky, had a pretty serious tolerance for pain, begged fetchingly, and in restaurants, when I would wave away a menu for him, or take it from in front of him at the table, he would get an erection.

drew had always liked Damian, too, he was smart and funny and they had some similar interests.  I can remember one party where I had both of them with me, and at one point I needed something – a drink, likely – and looked around because suddenly neither of them was around.  I noticed them in a corner, the two of them, deep in conversation.

Regardless, some time after he and I had stopped seeing each other except for the occasional chance meeting somewhere, he started seeing a vanilla woman.  He sent me a note once, after they’d been seeing each other for a couple of years, and asked me if I’d be interested in maybe he and I playing again at a party coming up, and if I’d object to the girl friend watching.

I responded that I would always be open to the prospect of playing with him.  He was always a really appealing playmate on many levels.  He liked intensity, we had very complementary tastes in terms of things we really both liked, and his being extraordinarily good-looking was hardly a bad thing, either.

I warned him, though, that I was unlikely to change my style of play because she was there, and reminded him that I had always played with him in pretty sexual ways – he was fond of tease and denial, and I am fond of begging, which is often a result of tease and denial – and that while it would not make me uncomfortable, it might make her uncomfortable, and he should take that into account.

I believe I ended with something like, “You were mine before you were hers, in a manor of speaking, and I’m really unlikely not to claim those privileges.”  I don’t remember if he responded or not, but the date never went further.

We actually had dinner once, the four of us, and it wasn’t swimmingly successful.  I thought she was mousy and had little personality, drew pointed out that I might possibly be a touch intimidating to her.  *shrug*

Anyway, he and she married a while back, which I think we knew, and just recently bought the ice cream place.  He had apparently heard our voices from the back and came out.  It was a pleasant conversation, no tension on any side, and I suspect it might become an occasional destination on the scooter because they also have vegan chili dogs, which drew pronounced quite good.

We came home after a long ride, and without discussing it, started doing a lot of yard work.  Plants needed watering, and our hoses needed swapping out, which ended up involving trying to get a frozen brass coupling off, drew finally having to cut it off and replace it, etc.  But we now have all our hoses attached and soaker hoses laid out.  I spent time pulling weeds – the story of my life – and putting some trellis supports around the blooming crocosmia and the soon-to-bloom tall white daisies.

I watered my basil bed, which I will cut back severely soon and make the first batch of pesto of the summer.  Every year I plant a dozen or so basil plants of various kinds – sweet Italian, spicy, thai, lime, etc. – and make vats of pesto, which I freeze and we eat all year.  We watered the flowers and plants around the house, the pots with flowers, all of that.

drew mowed the front lawn.

The puppies played in the water, jumping and biting at the hose spray.

We worked until nearly dark, then decided on another scooter ride because it’s so pleasant at night.  Dogs were fed, and off we went, and on this outing we really scored, finding a dozen or so bundles of fencing that drew needed for his house and was hoping to avoid buying.  We scooted home, he scooted back in his bag van and scooted them into the trailer, then scooted on back home.

I took a shower, then futzed around with the helmet I use now, which I had never before actually taken the time to fix so it sat properly.  Then drew showered while I made some potatoes, with veggie burgers for him and a couple eggs for me.

Then a bit of TV and time with dogs, and now I’m heading to bed.  Tomorrow’s agenda includes digging in the top soil and putting in the plants.  I dug up a few more plants around the yard to go back there, too, some succulent ground covers and some lambsear, so our cost is pretty slight for the bed.

drew wants to replace a cabinet that had to be pulled out in the kitchen when the stove had to be repaired.  I need to do some more weeding, and some correspondence, do a few things for some projects and plans.

And then the Sunday munch.  If you’re local, perhaps I’ll see you there. If not, you’ll probably still hear about it tomorrow.  Have a good night.

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