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I am back now from my weekend excursion, to Bloomington, Illinois.

I was at a great event called Convention in the Corn, or Corn Con.

It’s a very small event, I doubt there were 75 people there all told, but we had a great time.  I went with my friend Kenny, and Ms Tammy and her slave, troy.

Corn Con is put on by Spyn, a black Lesbian Dominant.  I’ve known Spyn for years, though not well at all.  She always comes to Great Lakes, but we never had a reason to do more than say hello in passing.  She’d approached Ms Tammy to present, and she suggested that I contact Spyn about presenting, too, since we often travel together and didn’t mind staying together.

So, after a little back and forth, I ended up as one of the three presenters, who also included my friend Min, who works at the Leather Rose Association in Chicago, a local BDSM club/play space.

I rode up with Kenny, a gay bottom in our local community, who often goes along with us, too.  He’s honestly a great addition because he does things like carry my bags and open doors.  He’s also extremely easy to get along with.

So I did the opening class, a BDSM 101, which I’ve done a lot.  It wasn’t a ton of people in the class, but I had probably 15-20 by the time it was over.  We talked about basic etiquette within the community, what behavior was acceptable and what wasn’t, as well as fielding some ideas for specific issues people were having.  It was a fun class to do.

After my class, Min did a class on Daddy Doms, then Ms Tammy did a class on health assessments for BDSM play partners, followed by Min’s class on toys, including using some unconventional toys – a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, a role of paper towels, etc.  After a provided lunch, Ms Tammy did a class on Decorative Needle Play.

I finished up the day by moderating a dominant’s round table, which turned into more of a leadership round table.  I really enjoyed that, partially because I like moderating.  It’s interesting to handle a round table, because you want to make sure that everyone who wants to speak gets a chance, without letting anyone dominated it or hijack the discussion.  You also try hard to notice who looks like they want to speak but hasn’t raised their hand, because that’s hard for some people, too.  All in all, I think it was very worthwhile.

After the last class, I ended up doing an impromptu cane class before dinner.  I do love canes and I don’t usually mind teaching people how to do it better.  I had a small audience of about 10 people, but that’s enough, too.

Most of us went to dinner together after the classes, before the play space opened.  We went across the street to a Cracker Barrel.  Not my favorite place, but it was close and perfectly fine and we had a good time.

As I mentioned, Spyn is black, as is Min and Ms Tammy’s slave troy.  We were at a table of ten of us, and our waiter was both black and obviously gay.  Sypn was buying our dinner as part of a presenter gig, and she was teasing the people with presenters about buying their dinner.  We had joked a fair amount about race and color, comfortably.  No one was upset, and it was all completely in joking.

Kenny, who is white, was joking back and said, to Spyn, “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”

Two things happened at the same time.  The waiter, who thought he was being spoken to, whirled around about to point out that it was NOT because Kenny was black, obviously, because the waiter was black, too.  Once he realized Kenny was white, his face took on that look your dog gives you when you do something utterly incomprehensible to him.

At the same time, Spyn and Min, apparently struck by the prospect of a gay white man insisting he was being treated badly, which he obviously wasn’t, because he was black, nearly choked in laughter.  It took about 10 minutes before everyone had stopped laughing long enough to actually draw breath.

Afterwards, we went back to the room and changed to go to the dungeon, where Ms Tammy and I played with troy and I did another requested caning, which was fun as well.

This morning was breakfast with most of the crew, then the drive home.

I’m tired, because I sleep poorly anyway and hotels are always harder.  I suspect that I will not stay up very late tonight, but I am glad to be home and I enjoyed myself, too.

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