Friday Munch

June 2, 2012 Kink and BDSM  No comments

It was a long day, which was topped off by the Louisville Friday Munch, at a Chinese buffet.  I spent most of it talking to Cerrin, one of my favorite people.  She’s very funny, and is known for her cookies.

Some of my regular crew didn’t make it, which is fine, I talked to Cerrin and then Josh mostly, then the three of us left together.  There was a gathering at a private home after, but I was too tired.

Plus, slave drew is supposed to be back late tonight, and I wanted to be home.  He’s been working an a huge project for the last couple of weeks, so it will be nice to have him back around.  His workshop is in his house, which is about 200 miles west.

Tomorrow I’ll do my yard sale thing.  I do it most Saturdays when the weather is nice.  First weekend in June is a big one for church yard sales, my very favorite kind.

You’d be surprised what I have found at yard sales:

Nice handcuffs.  Not as nice as mine, but then, mine are police-issue, but these were not the cheap novelty ones, either.  I found them, amusingly, at a church yard sale, for, I think, $2.

A fraternity paddle from University of Alabama.  They wanted $5 for it, I gave them $3.  I also have a couple of what used to be souvenir paddles, little ones about twice the size of a paint stirrer, with something cute written on them.  One says, “Apply to the deer one’s behind,” and it has a deer picture on it, too, of course.

A really nice patent leather crop, also from a church yard sale, marked a quarter.

A pair of test-tube tongs, that are really handy when one might want to hold up something about the general size of a test tube.  Use your imagination.  I gave a quarter for that, too.

A small rug beater, mostly for effect, with a wire paddle surface.

A set of brocade covered swords, cheap Pakistanki steel, but pretty little things to prop up in a corner of my bedroom.  They wanted $15 for the set, but took $10.

Leather gloves, vintage.  I have small hands, so I can often wear gloves that most women can’t, and most women don’t seem to have the collection of leather gloves, mostly black, that I do.

At a recent yard sale, someone was selling a rather large collection of what I can only describe as hooker shoes.  They were, fortunately, a size and a half too small for me, so I was not tempted to buy shoes that hold serious potential for breaking my neck.

The book, Open Marriage, a New Life Style for Couples, published in 1972.  I suspect it’s going to be an entertaining read, but I expect to be able to use some of it in my classes on poly lifestyles.

I have seen more vibrators than you would expect, I’m sorry, neck massagers.  I have never bought one, though.  Everyone has to have a limit.

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