Friday Night

June 22, 2012 slave drewslave thomasVanilla Life  No comments

It’s been a long and action-packed week, with some appliance swapping  that necessitated furniture moving and hustling around.

I have had a six months of appliance issues.  Most of the appliances are the same ones that were in the house when I moved in 1990, and they all still work, but the stove needed some work this winter, and while the fridge was fine, it was an obviously old side-by-side, which is one of the least rational designs ever created.  It is impossible to put a frozen pizza in a side-by-side freezer, at least in this one, unless you take every single thing out of one shelf.  Not practical.

So, now I have that done, and that’s good, and I cleaned up most of the kitchen as well, so that’s a good thing.

On the other hand, I’ve slept poorly the last two nights and I am a little crunchy from fatigue.

I have had issues with insomnia for years, since my early 20’s at least.  My ex-girlfriend snored badly and was an incredibly deep sleeper.  I sleep lightly and not well.  That probably, over the years, didn’t help with the insomnia.

I am lucky in my slaves, because neither drew nor thomas snore enough to mention, and they’re both light enough sleepers so they’re easy to wake.  Their turning over in the night, if required, is not difficult enough for me that it wakes me up profoundly.

Somebody a couple of years ago suggested I try counting backwards from 100.  It works sometimes.

I suspect meditation would, too, but I can never seem to keep my mind still.

I try various things.  Imagining I’m walking through a garden.

Floating in a warm, tropical pool.

I imagine a flame and concentrate on it.

And then nearly invariably, realize that I am actually making a grocery list and speculating on the last movie I saw, instead.

But now the Melatonin is kicking in, and maybe I won’t need to do any of those things.

Sweet dreams.

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