Independence Day 2012

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So, yesterday I wrote about my own unconventional wedding, long, long ago.

Yesterday I went to a barbecue, a Fourth of July cookout.

I had friends that I knew had decided to elope on Independence day, but silly me, I thought they’d go to Gatlinburg, or Memphis or something.  No, they decided to get married at the cookout.

It was approximately 1000 degrees outside yesterday.  Or maybe 2000.

It was fucking HOT.

The groom wore a handsome black suit with dress shirt and tie, the bride wore a lovely black and white cocktail dress, along with her steel collar and cuffs, which she wear all the time.

It was a kinky wedding, so a friend had gotten himself ordained online in honor of the occasion, the vows were written on the fly.  They were not the vows I’d have written, but they’d probably not have used the sappy Apache Indian blessing, so what the hell do I know?

I volunteered to be the photographer.  Then I was drafted to give away the bride/slave.

I am going to say it’s because I am the recognized matriarch of the community, but I could just be the oldest one there, too.

They married on the porch, with a friend’s rainbow-hued scarlet macaw in the background.

The maid of honor wore white shorts, a pink blouse and pink mesh wings.  The best man wore jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt.

The minister wore black jeans and a black t-shirt.

Most people were in shorts, swimsuit tops, t-shirts, tank tops.

On the other hand, they are just as married, aren’t they, and it was the wedding they wanted.

Congratulations to Steve and kim.  Much love, to and for you both.

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