The Weekend, Part Two

July 24, 2012 Uncategorized  One comment

I finally caught up on my rest a bit last night, and that was lovely, though I have to say, bed sounds pretty good tonight, too.  I doubt it will be a late night.

In any case, in addition to the old friend things I did, I also had a class on Saturday afternoon, and a co-topping demo in the Leather bar on Saturday night, late.

The class was a small one, but that’s fine, too.  It was a class about toys and scenes, meaning I had to pack up a lot of the toys that I don’t normally travel with, because part of the point in the class is people getting to see the differences in how toys feel, and what good toys feel like, as well as less good.  I don’t have a ton of cheap toys.  I have a lot of toys, but many were gifts, and a great many of them were made specifically for me.

I took a cane case, a roll-up piece of canvas with pockets and elastic across it to hold things in.  It’s not a bad design, but it could be improved.  I also took a large canvas tote bag, too.

In the cane case I had at least three sets of crops, plus a stray.  I had three or four cock/pussy/tit whips, the little short floggers.  I had two cat o’ nine tail pieces.  I had a couple of floggers, the first ones I bought myself, made by Sarah Lashes.  They’re particularly lovely.

I brought my chain mail flogger, and the rubber floggers, too.

I took a leather paddle, and a couple of slappers, a few oddities I don’t normally tote, the blackjack and the sjambok and the galley whip and three or four gags, including the pony bit gag.  I took rope and did a quick rope harness on someone.  I took hoods and blindfolds and cuffs.  I took the panic snaps that one used to have to use more often in public dungeons, the kind that release if you pull on them the right way.

I took the little whip that is nearly a single tail, the beautiful red and black woven whip not like anything else I have, that moves like a snake and stings like a motherfucker.  I brought the drumsticks and the spreader bars.

I brought the nipple clamps and the gates of hell and the cock rings and the parachutes and the ball separators.

I brought probably a dozen and a half canes, because I brought a lot of different styles and materials.  I brought rattan and bamboo and carbon fiber.

I talked about things I do in play, about which toys I use first and how I like to begin and end a scene.  I like symmetrical scenes, too, so I almost always use the toys I bag with when I wind down.  I talked about building both intensity and intimacy.

Then I went to a Leather bar later in the day, one that traditionally doesn’t allow women, though they did allow a half dozen of us, without question, and without anyone being unpleasant at all.

Of course one of our friends, a guy who is nearly 6’5″ and 320, I think, a big bear of a guy, also hung out around us all evening, too.  That probably didn’t hurt.

We had agreed to do a demo on co-topping, something she and I often do together anyway.  We play and always seem to do so seamlessly, even though we often don’t speak.  Our demo bottom was a gay guy I’d met a few weeks ago, who had never done anything like this before.

He was a lot of fun, and liked pain a lot more than he thought he would, or than we thought he would.

Which is much more common than you might think.

One comment to The Weekend, Part Two

  • sin  says:

    this sent me off to google the “gates of hell”. Wow.

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