Another Runway

August 16, 2012 Uncategorized  No comments

We are watching another Project Runway, one of their team challenges, which are always entertaining.  It’s always fun to watch the ones that are afraid to assert themselves and end up with something that’s truly horrific, and the ones whose ego outstrips their talent and you end up with something wildly ambitious and unfinished.

It’s also interesting to watch who does throw someone else under the bus, and how.

Sometimes they’re whiny.  We wouldn’t have LOST if SHE could sew faster/design better/wasn’t tacky.

Sometimes they’re bitchy.  So OUR little project would have worked if YOU weren’t so stupid and had such bad taste.  This is usually one of mean queens that appear regularly.

Sometimes they try and be stand-up, which usually isn’t the wisest plan, either.  Someone else throws them under the bus.

It is interesting how loathe it seems that the vanilla world is to claim titles they so obviously deserve.  You can see the people who are dominant in a good

It’s raining hard, meaning lightning, meaning this is goodnight.

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