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In all the years that I have been attending GLLA now, and this year was my tenth Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend, I believe I had, before this year, played twice there.  Back two or three years ago, I beat a gentleman who, as it turned out, was not worth the effort, but he was a masochist, so I still had fun.  The next year I played a planned scene – something I never do and it was not all I had planned it to be.  That was entirely my fault, but it was with a pair of friends, both switches.

This year I played three times.  It’s never that I couldn’t play, I could easily find playmates, but I usually just don’t have the energy or time,literally.

I had so much help this year, so many people who did things I usually do, or helped me with things, people I knew I could trust to do it, and I just wasn’t as tired.  There have been many years I never even saw the play space or knew where it was.

I actually had two other tentative dates, neither of which came about for different reasons, and that was equally fine.

My first play date was with Meg, who is adorable.  Meg has an essential sweetness about her personality that I always find very appealing in submissive women.  She had asked me some months back if I would cane her.

I’ve really liked canes for a long time, and I’ve gotten more known for them, it seems, over the last few years.  I’ve taught classes on canes, and I’ve given more impromptu cane lessons than I can remember.  It’s an instrument that a lot of people are are afraid of, and rightly so, a badly-wielded cane is a dangerous thing.  It’s also a toy that has a singular and unique sensation, one that most people do like when it’s done correctly.

The thing about canes, though, is they aren’t like flogging or violet wands, in that those don’t require much warm-up.  I can use a violet wand on you cold, or flog you without really needing to use anything else.  Unless you have a very unusual pain threshold and preference, you don’t want to be caned cold, beginning and ending with canes.

They are too intense, which can be too much before the endorphins start rising.  That means that a session with canes is really a scene that ends with canes, meaning that there’s a whole beginning and middle portion that one has to orchestrate, too.

This isn’t a bad thing and I don’t mean to imply that it is, but it can be challenging, too, in a good way.

I am not so much about pain, nor am I much about any particular fetish or activity.  I like canes, but I don’t have a cane fetish, either.

What I do rather have a fetish for, I suppose, is power.

Sometimes one wonders if the attraction is more power or more control, but I always settle on the belief that I can’t ever control another person.  I’m not that big and powerful.  If slave drew or slave thomas should honestly say to me, No, I’m not doing that, I can’t really FORCE them to do it.

What I can do, though, is exert power over those who are willing to allow me that opportunity.

I can’t MAKE you do anything, but I can make you WANT to do it, for me, because I have that power over you.

So, I caned Meg, but I got to it doing the usual kinds of toys I use.  I like crops a lot, always have, and I use them in nearly every scene I do.  I love that edge where I know that the bottom can’t say which actual stroke went from pleasant to stingy to OUCH and crops and drumsticks both offer that.

They’re also nice because you can use them for longer periods of time and they are less tiring than flogging is.  I used to do a spirituality seminar relatively regularly that had flogging as a catharsis as one of their themes.

I remember one year doing a 20 minute flogging on someone who was VERY small and narrow, so I really had a very small area that I had to hit and it took more concentration in terms of aim than flogging one of my bear pals, for instance.

That has been seven or eight years ago, I think, something like that, and my arm was so shot by the end of the 20 minutes of doing absolutely nothing else but flogging that the next year when offered the choice between doing that again or being flogged ourselves, I choose the latter because it was better than being on the swinging end of it, and I do not often say that.

Crops and drumsticks have the benefit of making it easy to set a rhythm, a kind of beat that allows the bottom to get into that mindset and start to raise up the endorphins and find the mental location of sub space.

While I was warming up Meg, Shane who lives downstairs, was being suspended fully dressed and upside down.  It was kind of noisy, and I was kind of busy, but I believe at one point the narrowness of his ass resulted in his knife being the only thing that kept the ropes from actually slipping off.

It was fun to play with Meg, and I guess we played for 45 minutes or an hour, but one thing about GLLA is that I honestly never know what time it is unless it’s close to the time of something I have to do or somewhere I have to be.

I don’t usually bring a phone with me to the play space because everyone who could possibly need me for any conceivable reason would be able to find me easily, either by physically finding me or calling one of the other dozen people who could physically find me.

So I think we played for 45 minutes or an hour.  Meg has lovely long hair which she likes pulled, and I do have a bit of a fondness for pulling hair, anyway, so that worked nicely, too.

On Saturday, while I was wandering through the vending area looking for auction victims, one of the vendors came over to say hello.  He hasn’t been at GLLA for a couple of years, but we don’t keep up with each other so I didn’t know why, exactly, though I did know there was some poor health in his family.

In any case, he said that he had rules with his current owner that allowed him to play with others, with a couple of very reasonable and easy to work with limits.  He said that it had been so long since he’d actually done this that he didn’t remember how, really, but if I was up for a flogging, he’d really love that.

I think, based on what he said, that he might have thought about that proposition in the past, but had never been in a position to indulge it before.  Anyway, I’ve always liked him anyway, so I said that would be lovely and we set a time.

Then later, boy brent had asked me if I’d be willing to cane him, because he wanted to see what they were like.  I like boy brent enormously, and I was flattered he asked, too, so I agreed.  I ended up buying him in the auction, too, I think, though honestly, some of my auction memories are a little fuzzy, anyway, so I could be wrong.

In any case, I set a time with him as well, for about an hour after I’d set the first one, poor planning on my part, but I had just come from the auction and various cocktail parties, so I HAD been drinking, too.

We met, the vendor and I, down by one station, and he ran to do something and I ended up moving to another station, a St. Andrew’s cross around the corner.  He was fun to play with.  While we were talking about playing, he said, “Don’t be offended if I get an erection.”  I assured him I would not be offended in the least.  I’m generous that way.

So while he and I had talked about a flogging scene, and I did flog him, I used some canes on him as well, because he had a couple in his toybag and I took that to mean he was fine with them and, as it turned out, he was.

I used the toys I’d brought, a half dozen assorted floggers and cats, a gorgeous maple-colored leather paddle that peter, the submissive who taught me to cane, gave me one Valentine’s day years back when we were at Vicious Valentine, in Chicago.

A red slapper that I bought from MT Leathers years and years back, owned by Tim and Bobbie, two lovely folks I have known approximately forever.  Also from then is one of my favorites, a little pink and black whip that craps like a singletail and is, I am told, like being stung by an atomic bee.

Two sets of crops, one of leather and one of plastic, which offer very different sensations, a set of drumsticks Shane made under his Abraided flag, a galley whip he had made me as well,

There is also a gorgeous red whip, the most finely braided piece I own, that I acquired from a friend years back.

There were various canes by Toolworks, a company whose toys I have always liked, and I have a fair collection of them, they have turned steel handles.  I have a couple of small floggers by them, a large paddle-sized slapper, a flogger that started out as horsehair and was later replaced with red braided cats by Shane, and two canes.

There were also my cuffs and blindfold, of course, and a some fiberglass canes, as well as some rattan canes.

The vendor had, I feel certain, a very good time, and I did, too.  I suspect if the opportunity arises again, we’d likely play again.  It probably will, because we will end up at another event at the same time sometime.

boy brent was interesting to play with in that he’s someone I think of as kind of an aesthete.  Though he and I have never specifically talked about it, he did a keynote speech for me for my contest last year about spirituality, so I understand, I think, at least some of his headset, and that made it an interesting scene intellectually speaking.

It was gratifying on a more personal and visceral level, too, of course; it’s always flattering in a very specific way when someone trusts you to seek you out to play with.  When they are fun to play with, too, then it’s even more fun.

I did not ask Meg if I left marks, if I did, I would expect it would be a few welts, which are what canes leave.  I know the vendor had a few marks, one on his back that was where I had used the little pink and black whip, a welt of sorts.  He had a couple of cane marks, too, I believe.  boy brent had some marks on his legs from the cane, I think, but I didn’t have a chance to ask him about them the next day, either.

Oh, well.  Marks on the body pass away quickly, anyway, marks on the psyche, that ability to exert power, to make one want to submit to you, that leaves a more lasting and, to me, enjoyable mark.

My toys actually played two more times than I did, because Ms Tammy used some of them in flogging Ches, which I missed, and used a few things on her slave, troy, while she beat him, too, as I beat boy brent.  My toys get around.

5 comments to Play at GLLA

  • Ches  says:

    Watching your work with Brent was very interesting. You seemed almost meditative with the drumsticks, leaned in close to him, and I could feel your focus all the way over where I sat near Tammy, teasing and taunting Troy.

    I’m sorry that you missed my flogging. I wasn’t really focused on who was watching, so I’m still not sure who all was there besides Gabe, Tammy and myself. It was a beautiful time, though.

    As uncommon as it is for me to take a turn under someone’s hand, perhaps I’ll find reason to offer you my back sometime. That way I know you won’t miss it. LOL! ;^)

  • sin  says:

    You say, “I can’t MAKE you do anything, but I can make you WANT to do it, for me, because I have that power over you.” That’s really the fetish, isn’t it?

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      That absolutely is the fetish. The concept that you’ll do something, something you may not like, you may even dislike it, but you’ll do it for me. I do love that knowledge, that it really is just because I want it.

  • SirQsMLB  says:

    Hmmm, interesting thoughts on power. The power exchange – as a sub, me wanting, desperately, to give my power over to my Sir – it’s … Intoxicating, adicting, a rush…
    Glad you got a chance to play! It’s so hard to work so hard to make something come together and miss the entire experience you worked for others to have.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Most of the time, I don’t mind, I like the community and the sense of seeing old friends so much that I don’t miss playing if it doesn’t happen, but it was nice to have it happen, too.

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