Project Runway

August 15, 2012 Uncategorized  2 comments

Now that the Olympics have ceased to consume us, we’re trying to watch some of the things we’ve missed over the last few weeks.  Tonight we were both tired and in the mood for something  relatively mindless, so we picked Project Runway.  We have a few episodes we haven’t watched and slave drew enjoys it as much as I do.  He’s usually, unsurprisingly, more interested in the design while I am more interested in the workmanship.

We had a late dinner and it will be an early bedtime.  Great Lakes is looming closer and closer; we’ll leave a week from tomorrow.  I have errands to run, forms to print, packing to do, oh, and I’m doing a class I have yet to write, which could be an issue.

I’ve got to get the other two dogs groomed, since they’re going with us this year.

I need to start gathering clothes, I’ve been doing laundry so everyone has everything that needs to go mostly clean.

I’ve had a lot of small deadlines, things that need to get done before X.

I need to spend some time making lists and organizing paper and supplies.

I need to make sure that I pack all the things I need to pack, the shoes, the jewelry, the accessories, the forms, the notes, etc., etc., etc.

This next week will fly by, and then GLLA weekend will be so busy I will literally not have time to sleep more than a few hours a night.  I’ll give fair warning that while I’ll try to keep to my own schedule, the event schedule often comes first.

And on that note, they’re about to announce the Project Runway winner and loser, and then, it’s off to bed.

2 comments to Project Runway

  • vanillamom  says:

    In a million…nay…a *zillion* years…I would have NEVER pegged you for a Project Runway watcher.

    *smiles* I dunno why, either. Maybe it’s reverse leather snobbery?

    I sew. I make many of my own clothing, and I’m also a quilter. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway as well.

    Nice to see we have some vanilla common ground (other than both being redheads, I mean!. 🙂


  • sin  says:

    smiling at you having a class still to write “which could be an issue” she says. Yup.

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