Saturday Afternoon

August 5, 2012 Uncategorized  No comments

It’s getting ready to rain here.  It’s been humid and threatening to pour for an hour or so, but it won’t hold off much longer.

It was a fairly domestic morning.  I went to a couple of yard sales – slave drew got a jacket and a couple of shirts, and a videotape on oceanography.  I bought an ornament for a friend, something that’s perfect for him.

I came home and ended up making salsa, cutting up a melon and making spaghetti sauce.  drew had visited some friends with a huge garden and they had loaded him down with tomatoes, as well as some peppers and potatoes and the melon.


Time has past now.  I’ve been to the munch, I’ve been to Lexington, I’ve come home again, and now I’m going to go to bed shortly.

It was a fun munch, we had a huge turnout, it’s the weekend of Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, always a big weekend.  Lots of vintage and antique cars everywhere, it’s actually a fun weekend, but it does make parking a challenge, too.

We held a raffle to benefit Fringe Elements and it raised $250, which is great.  Our treasurer would remind me it was $255, but I was rounding.

Another busy day tomorrow, but not so much traveling, anyway, so I’ll take it.

There was a red moon driving to Lexington, it was spectacular.

Hope your Saturday was as pleasant and productive as mine.

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