The Day Before the Day Before

August 21, 2012 Uncategorized  2 comments

So, today was productive.  I have clothes mostly sorted out in terms of what I’m taking, have purses and gloves and hats either laid out or settled on.  Shoes are pulled out, though they’ll get whittled down when I set them out again and admit that perhaps I could do with only one pair of boots and two pairs of dressy shoes.

I still have to pull out jewelry and makeup and perfume and toiletries and sleep drugs and electronic gear and all the forms I need…

I went to the grocery tonight and got the makings for the Titleholder Kickoff punch, except the actual booze.  I meant to do that and then other things interfered, but I mustn’t forget that.  I got fruit and some snacky things and paper products.

I also freed up another block of time, which is going to be helpful.  I still have a fair amount to do tomorrow, print out some things, get most of the food and serving pieces packed up, that kind of thing, but not too insurmountable now.

I’m imposing on my friend, Kenny, to carry some of the supplies up for me.  With three dogs, two adults and the respective wants and necessities for all of them is a fair amount of stuff, in and of itself.  When I looked at all the supplies in the back of my Prius, I thought, Hmm, I don’t know about this…

Kenny drives a van, so he had some extra room, but he’s also taking two more of our friends, Karen and Meg, but he had some room.

It seems like half the people in the area will be heading to Indianapolis on Thursday.  slave drew and I and the pups, Belle, Bess and Reigh, Ms Tammy and slave john and troy, Sir Charles and jacki, Gabriel, Steve and kim, Shane and Gypsy, Markos and Christine, Caile and Cheri and Grey and Christy and Kenny and Josh and Ches and Jonathan and Russ and probably 83 other people I will think of tomorrow and say, oh, yeah, them, too.

It will be wildly busy, I will get little sleep.  I often sleep poorly in the best of circumstances, and hotels are often the worst of the worst.  I will just have too much going on, last year I got about 14 hours over the weekend, I’ll try and get more this year, but who knows.

And on that note, the melatonin is kicking in.

2 comments to The Day Before the Day Before

  • sin  says:

    I always feel like I need about 7 pairs of shoes (shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops, running shoes). I can whittle it down to 5 if necessary. 3 if I don’t need special shoes for dress up… 🙂

  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    But the thing is, you never know EXACTLY what you will need. A dominatrix has to be prepared, just like a boy scout.

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