Do Android Tablets Dream of Electric Apps?

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I have at least three computers that I have primary access too.  I have a desktop, one with tons of memory and lots of disk space.

I took windows seriously when it came out.

I can have bunches of windows open all at the same time?

All righty, then…

I wanna have Firefox open all the time with the dozen or so windows that open each time.

I want Yahoo messenger and ITunes.

I want my Magic Jack and quite possibly at least one Word and/or Excel document, too.

I don’t like to type on small keyboards.  Not really type, like this.  I want my comfortable desk that is the first real piece of furniture slave drew built me.  I want all my needed crap around me, my pens and scissors and san disk cards, and Scottie figurines and perfume and hand lotion and notepads and…

So, I have a relatively new desktop, it’s about a year old and I know that for those of you who are techno junkies that’s totally unacceptable, but once I find what I like, I’m good.

I have a laptop that I bought seven or eight years ago, it’s terribly outdated and should I win the lottery one of the first things I might well buy would be a top of the line laptop, but it’s fine.  It’s got a large hard drive and I’ve never used it enough to be hard on it.  On the other hand, it’s heavy and a bit clunky to deal with, but it is what I take on longish trips, where I expect to have time to actually set up a computer, keep up with email, do actual work if necessary.

Then I have a small sort of mini computer that actually belongs to the Canadian in the basement, but he has as much of an embarrassment of riches as I and since he’s migrated to the demonic siren song of Apple, so he’s let me use it for the last year or more.

It’s been really nice to have because it is quite small.  Not a great keyboard, but not a bad one.  Not wildly powerful, but great for things like GLLA, or short trips because it’s more than my iPhone, I can actually type with both hands, and see a whole screen, but it doesn’t take up much space and it’s light and it’s been great.

And there’s the dreaded iPhone, about which I like everything except I think it’s a shitty phone, and when you keep your nails long – and blue, right now, with bright metallic blue polish – the whole touch screen is a lot harder than the one I used my nail like a stylus on.

The iPhone IS great, that’s why it’s so ubiquitous.  But it’s also tiny.  And heavy, relatively speaking.  And the battery life sucks.  And really does not have some of the things that I still miss about my Blackberry, like the damn home screen you could set so you had reminders and such you wanted right there.

So I had thought about iPads and such, but really didn’t want to put that much into another computer.

I thought about a Kindle, but it really didn’t do all the things I really wanted to be able to do.

slave drew has been talking about “getting back online” for literally years.  He stopped using a computer six or seven years ago, maybe more.  Anytime anyone saw “slave drew” comment or like or join anything, it was not slave drew.  I usually tried to reflect his interests – I wrote his bio, for instance, but he read it and liked it.

Finally, he decided it was time and for the last six months has been kind of browsing, but hadn’t really gotten anything.

Then I saw a small tablet at a good price, around $100, and so we got him that.

It’s been a challenge for him because even when he was using a computer regularly he was never a whiz at it.  He was competent, but he just didn’t spend that much time at it.

Now it’s years later and a different system.  He used Mac before, and I’ve always been a PC girl, so we’re a mixed marriage to begin with.

Now we’ve added an android system into the mix.

Then, once he had it I had the kind of device envy that we all feel twinges of at least occasionally.

Oooh, isn’t that cool…  Wow, look, it can do that, too.  Oh, and look how convenient and lightweight and portable it is…

So, I found a really good price on a refurbished one – well under that $100 mark, though it was a much more expensive tablet originally – and pretty much hated it from the moment it arrived.  It was very heavy, and very unresponsive, and then it turned out it was also defective because you couldn’t download anything.

So, I actually did some research the next time, looked at reviews and such and found another one that was about the same as drew’s in cost, as my birthday present to myself.

It came yesterday – how appropriate – and I am really liking it.  I think it will save me having to tote a “real” computer, but with enough accessibility to keep me happy.  It’s much lighter than the other, and all the things I didn’t like about the other seem to have been that rather than tablets in general.

It’s been interesting leaning a new operating system.  I tried to explain to someone that for me it’s kind of like visiting a country where you understand the very basics of the place – you can find a bathroom and a taxi and count to seven, but reading a menu is a challenge.

Of course, it will make me even more connected.

Remember when you left the house without a phone?  I’ve had a cell phone since about 1995, but for a long time it was that thing in your purse that was the size and weight of a small brick that you turned on when you need it and paid handsomely for each minute.

Remember when, even if you did think, damn, I forgot my phone, it would never have occurred to you to go back and get it?

Remember when you didn’t check emails compulsively and get pissy if someone doesn’t return a text within an hour or two?

Yeah, well, I do, too, and sometimes it’s tiresome.  It makes me think of Wordsworth:

“The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!”

We try and do so much, cram so much into every moment.

Maybe it’s that we’re afraid we’ll get to the end and it won’t have been enough, or there, as we go gently into that good night, we will think of the things we missed and it will be too late.

It’s funny, I’ve missed out on much more of the common than the unique.

I’ve had Lesbian relationships.  I’ve never had a truly vanilla relationship with a male, even ones that were less about kink had a strong element of D/s or at least flirting with S&m.  I’ve never had – or wanted – children.  I didn’t marry until shortly after my 50th birthday, and neither I nor slave drew expected to marry at all.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if, at the end, that was what I lay there on my deathbed regretting?

“Oh, no, I never had to walk the floor with a colicky baby.”

“How I wish I had married young and gone through three marriages and two divorces by the time I was 40.”

“I really should have just slept with that one person and only ever had sex with them in Republican-approved positions.”

“I should have done what my parents and my teachers and everyone else approved of…”

I dunno.  I doubt it.  I don’t think I’ll think, “Wow, Shane was right, I should have tried naked bungee jumping!”

I don’t think I’ll regret not trying crystal meth or jewel theft.

But I think I’ll feel as though I had experience that, if sometimes lacking in depth, does not lack at all in breadth.

If I do, it serves me right.

2 comments to Do Android Tablets Dream of Electric Apps?

  • sin  says:

    Republican approved positions. Boggles the mind.

  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    With no lights on, of course, and primarily for procreation.

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