Labor Day

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Another rainy day, though slave drew and I went out on the scooter for quite a bit in the middle of the day.  It was very pleasant then, and we ran a couple of errands and looked at jewelry for a birthday present.

drew often buys me jewelry for gifts, and I like that.  I like that kind of thing, anyway, because I like wearing things that remind me of people, and he has had the taste which best suits me of anyone other than Beth, my ex-girlfriend.

I like things that are unique, and not too girly, but feminine.  I’m also short and plump and have a lot of cleavage, so things that are too big or too architectural – big stone disks on a thong, for instance – look silly.  I have basically no neck so I can’t wear long earrings.  I like bracelets and rings, but those tend to be harder to find.

drew has bought me some of my favorite pieces, probably the high point being a necklace and earrings he brought me back from Alaska two years ago, made with sterling silver and freshwater pearls and blown glass beads.  It’s green and turquoise and purple, my favorite colors, and it has a lot of little touches I love – the clasp, for instance, is a silver leaf that slides into a silver flower and catches, so the clasp is part of the design.

Anyway, drew usually picks out things for me, but he wanted me to look, too, so we went into a shop on Bardstown Road here in Louisville, Discoveries.  Lovely stuff, nothing that appealed, so we’ll go out again and look.  That will be fun, too.

I’ve been working on catching up on desk work that got neglected over the last month.  Now that GLLA is done for another year, I will spend some time working on my own event, Bluegrass Leather Pride, which will be the first weekend in March.  I like to get my judges and such in place before the first of the year, while people’s schedules are more open, and then I have that done.

I’ve caught up on the more recent email, though I still need to go through the other three or four places one gets mail, too, my Fetlife account, my Facebook, and a couple of other small social networks where I get mail.  I do have a couple more jaunts coming up, I’ll be in Atlanta in a couple of weeks at the Georgia Leather Contest, which is also the site of the new Transgender Contest, whose name, alas, I do not recall, but it should be interesting.  Ms Tammy and I are teaching.

In October I’ll be in Chicago at Kinky Kollege.  My friend, Jack Rinella, is doing the programming now, and he asked me a couple of months ago to present, so that will be fun.  There’s a wonderful couple of restaurants there, the Red Apples, which have a Polish buffet with incredibly good food, so that’s always a good reason to do a gig in Chi-town.

In March, I do my event and then the next weekend I’ll be in Dallas, judging at South Plains Leatherfest, to which I’m looking forward.  This year I’ve also been in Florida, and of course Indianapolis, and Dallas in February for the same event.  We were in Columbus for COPE last September, I was in Lexington a few times, too, and maybe a few other places, I don’t always remember everywhere anymore.

I started going to events back in November of 1997, when I went to the first Black Rose event, Black Rose 10, in Washington, DC.  I went with my very first real submissive, Bill, and it was an experience.  It was huge, 100+ pieces of equipment, in my memory there were 2500 of us there, but I know there were a LOT.

Then in February of 1998, I went to Chicago, to the very first Vicious Valentine, which was held in the old Blackstone Hotel, and then to Beat Me in St. Louis in the spring of that year.  I went to both of those with Gene, who was always fun.  He was not the brightest of he lot, but he was cute.

I went to every Vicious Valentine save the last one, which was in February of 2004, and was only a week or two before drew and I competed at South Plains ourselves.  I always had a great time at them, we were at a Ramada, I think, out by O’Hare, but I met a lot of people there that are still friends.

I have many happy memories of Ohio Leather Fest, too, which was held for years in Columbus.  While it was running, it was always our favorite event, drew and mine.  We always had a good showing from Louisville and Lexington, and I knew a lot of the Ohio folks, too, and we liked Columbus itself a lot, went there often enough that there were things we did each time, like a sojourn to the boyhood home of my very favorite writer, James Thurber, and brunch on Sunday at a wonderful restaurant down in the German Village, as well as a stroll through Schiller Park.

SMARTFest used to be a great event, too – SMARTFest still exists, and still does great events, it’s just changed a bit over the years, so I tend to think of the SMARTFest I remember as not to exist anymore.  It’s not said out of any unkindness to SMARTFest now, at all, I am still always happy to present for them.

drew and I always used to kid about SMARTFest, that I got the best gigs because it was January in Cleveland.

I don’t know if you know this, but January in Cleveland is fucking COLD.

I don’t know if you know THIS, but I despise fucking cold.

It was always a treat and testament to how much we liked the event that I presented for them often.  One year, they had their after party in some fabulous pro-Domme space in a warehouse somewhere.  It was as clean a place as I have ever seen in that kind of space and there were a lot of great themed rooms and wonderful furniture and one of the best SPACES I’ve ever played in.  drew and I still talk about the space sometimes, because it was just great.

SMARTFest was nice, too, because it was one day.  There was usually dinner somewhere the night before, but it wasn’t anything formal, I think, it was just dinner with folks from the group, and it was always fun.  Then the event really just ran one day, Saturday, so you had Sunday off and could do stuff – like go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, obviously, which we did a couple of times.

They were also really good at finding great spaces for events.  The play space that one time was ideal, but they always had interesting locations.

I remember one daytime space in a warehouse kind of structure when literally the whole event ended up standing at windows watching one of the BIG ships negotiating one of the narrow waterways that lined the area where we were located.  There was no more than a few feet clearance on either side and it was fascinating to watch them navigating it.

Ohio Leather Fest lost their hotel one year, less than a week before the event – three days, I think, something like that.  They had to scramble to find a place, it was too late to cancel, too much was in place, so the found a place that actually worked amazingly well, and old cabinet shop that was un-air-conditioned.  In August.  In Columbus.  It was fun, though.

I’ve been to four Black Roses, the first four.  Last one I went to was in 2000, though I’ve come close to attending a couple since, just never worked out.  drew and I went to Dark Odyssey one year, in DC, that was a fun event, too.  Tristan Taoramino was organizing it and invited me there.  It was in a very nice hotel and we had a good time.  We went to the National Zoo from there.

Beyond Leather is my favorite event that I go to regularly now, I think, beyond GLLA.  Beyond Leather has a very different flavor, in the same way that I think GLLA has a different flavor, and I really like both of them.  BL is very theatrical, and I mean that in the best possible way.  They do a great opening ceremony, and they’re very friendly.  The hotel is nice and then you’re in Florida, in April, which is not a bad place to be.

drew and I went to Leather Retreat a couple of years, and then to Camp Crucible once or twice, which is held at the same location, a boy’s camp in the northeast that sells about ten days to kinky folks.  We take over their cabins, eat in a communal hall, clothing is optional, the dungeon is always open and so is the wood and the pool.  It’s pretty rustic, but does have indoor bathrooms and showers, albeit the kind of place you remember from some sleep-away camp in your youth.

One of the most fun times I remember was there, because they had the room to have real pony play. There was a covered stadium, the size that a smallish high school would have used for a gym, attached to the property and they did pony shows there.  The incident I remember began with a “little,” a woman probably in her mid-twenties dressed in Mary Jane shoes and pig-tails.

She was there with a couple who were dressed to look more adult – the sense that the threesome was a family.

The little girl, when the ponies came out, began to insist, as a child might, that she wanted a pony. It was well-played, at first it seemed like the girl was just saying it, nothing was planned.

She became more and more insistent, though, and louder, until after a few minutes of it she shouted, “But I want a pony, Daddy!  And I want THAT pony!!”  She then began to chase the pony through the stadium and you realized you’d been set up, really well.  We laughed until we cried.

The other funny pony story is from that same event.  We were there three or four days, I think, and there were things going on all the time.  One of the things they had was a tea party for Dommes, at a little building located maybe a quarter mile from the main area.

The party was served by sissy maids, and transportation to and from the party was provided by human ponies pulling carts.  It was fabulous.

My friend Deb and I were there with slave drew, sharing a room with Goddess Lakshimi and her slave, limey, another of Goddess’ slaves at the time, a guy who was something like a PhD of Astrophysics (really) at some university somewhere, I don’t even remember his name, and Dungeon Dog, a complete neophyte who spent the entire time naked.

Deb and I, of course, went to the tea party.  The way there was lovely, it was downhill and they were fresh, and the pony of a friend of mine, Alisha, was OUR pony.  Ponyboy Pokey was also our steed on the way back.

When he’d been doing it for a couple of hours.  And it was mostly uphill the whole way back.

We got out about 100 yards from the cabins and walked, because that was the beginning of the steepest incline and I didn’t to be responsible for killing Ponyboy Pokey.  He gave it his level best and he was in good shape, and he protested that he would be fine.

Protested it between gasps of breath and clutching his side.

We assured him we wanted to walk back to DIGEST the lovely meal we had had.

But can you imagine if I’d killed Ponyboy Pokey?  How embarrassing would that be?

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  • sin  says:

    Love it, this made me smile – especially the end with Ponyboy Pokey.

    Oh, the jewelry too, somehow I seem to wind up with bracelets and rings, which I LOVE but probably have more of than I need, and that’s what appeals to me in stores.


  • vanillamom  says:

    Ms. Constance? You never fail to bring a smile to my day.


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