Sunday Munch

September 23, 2012 Uncategorized  5 comments

So the Sunday munch was this afternoon.  I sent a message to aisha to poke her gently about it, but mostly to say I’d be there.

I always enjoy the conversation.  We talked about who among tops would pick up something if the other dropped it.

For instance, if Master Alex drops something and there are only the two of us, I am going to pick it up for him.  The same for Ms Kendra.  They are my elders in terms of their involvement in the lifestyle and the community and in terms of what they have done.  I’m older than Ms Kendra, actually, so it’s experience, not age.

We talked about blogging a lot.  aisha was one of the most vocal in encouraging me to blog, and it is, by definition, a relatively solitary thing.  There are connections, but in the end, writing is difficult to collaborate on, and yet we seek to share that solitude.

It’s interesting to me where I often start and where I often end.

And, as it always has, honestly, it astonishes me on some level that people actually want to read what I have to say anyway, so having something like 115 people read my blog yesterday is kind of astonishing to me.

We talked about some of the other bloggers who frequent our sphere, and about COPE.

I talked to some of the folks who had been to the Masters And slaves Together meeting which I missed because I thought I knew what time it started and it turns out it was two and a half hours earlier, which is a significant oops.  MAsT: Derby City is still pretty early in its formation, so we’re still figuring everything out, but with 20 people at the meeting today, that’s not a bad thing.

I talked to Charles and jacki about the upcoming High Leather Dinner, which is happening next Saturday, and we had to kind of finalize the program, etc.

Plus I had good fried chicken and made aisha laugh hard several times.

A good evening all in all.

5 comments to Sunday Munch

  • aisha  says:

    And you just barely made me blush once! That’s pretty good. 🙂

    It was fun, and i loved talking about the hierarchy among tops.

    And just two more weeks til the 15th anniversary party of the Munches!!! How cool is that!


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    […] a whole ‘nother topic for us to explore.  She blogged about the munch too ~ check it out here. […]

  • vanillamom  says:


    Missed another great munch, it seems..(that commute is a bit much!).but You made me laugh about the dropped item question. I feel a story in the making there! You could always draw lots, and then text your slave/sub to come and pick it up…*grinning*…


  • Wordwytch  says:

    The dropped item question reminded me of a cartoon where the Dom made her sub hit the submission button when adding a story to a website. 🙂

  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    I always like the Sunday munches. You should come to one, nilla. 🙂

    Think about it, though. It kind of sucks to age, but it at least has some perks. I can get younger and more agile folks than I to crawl under tables when I drop things, or swap chairs out so I have the one that I think looks the most comfy.

    In other words, I am totally spoiled.

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