I Lived

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So, I lived through it.

I have been putting on events long enough to have two very simple gauges of how successful an event was.

If, at the end of it, no one is in the hospital or in jail, it was successful.

Ergo, it was a successful event.

What I AM is hoarse from talking so much, and talking in loud places

I am sore and achy, from tension and stress and being on my feet all evening, on concrete floors.

My eye, which had not been twitching, has decided to twitch this morning, and I feel like my eyes have a coating of gravel on them.

We closed up shop about 2am, came home and sat up kind of decompressing until 3am or so, and then I had trouble sleeping.  Too much adrenaline still coursing.

So, the munch was fun.  I saw Harold and Andee, who were at the very first munch, back on October 4, 1997.  The three of us were the only ones from that very first munch.

There was John and Lis and Anton and Wende and Chris from the old Paradox days.  It was nice to see them, too.

David, from the very early days of the munch, if not the very first one, was there, and it was nice to see him, too.

And yes, aisha was there and I was disappointed not to have a chance to chat more, but munches can be hard for that anyway.

The anniversary munches are always a little hectic because there’s only one of me, and so many of them, and people want a little face time, and deserve it, they’ve come to the munch partially to see me or say hello, and that’s really nice, but it can make it hard to concentrate on any one person, too.

The munch now does a “Munchies” award on the October anniversary, which is always fun.

There are categories like hottest dresser, most admired submissive, most respected dominant, best tits, etc.

The first year, I won the Most Respected Dominant and the Best Tits award.

The next year, I won the Most Respected Dominant award again, and drew won the Bizarro World award, the Bottom We’d Most Like to See on Top.

The next year, I won the Kinky Professor Award, and drew won a Paul Revere award for his town crier work when our prior play venue was closed.

Last year, I won the Kinky Professor Award, and the Zsa Zsa/Biggest Diva award.

I won the same two awards this year, and was also in a tie with the current munch host, Michael, for the Top We’d Most Like to See on the Bottom award.

They did a show of hands at the munch itself, with our backs turned, and in the end, Michael won the award.

One of the funny things was that drew was one of the runners up for the Most Admired Submissive Award, which is kind of funny, since he’s really not submissive.

All in all, it was a good time, had by all.  I don’t know how many people were there, 120, maybe?  Maybe more, but at least that many.

Then we went on to the party.  We were at an event with some swingers, not as many as had been expected, perhaps 50 or so, and about half of the people from the munch, maybe a few more, came out to the party, so it was a good showing.

We had intentionally set up our stuff on one side – play equipment, a bootblack, t-shirt sales, carnival games, a bake sale, a couple of vendors and a Tarot reader.

Our side was hopping, the swingers area was pretty quiet all evening.

We had a cross that spins from the Paradox group, and that was a hit.  People took rides on it, since it’s kind of unusable as a real piece of play furniture.

We had temporary tattoos – I have on between my breasts that is a lipstick outline and the words, Kiss Me Here.

We had a lot of food – cakes and pies and cookies to be sold, and I think we did well on them.  We won’t find out until the accountant goes through it all, but a good time was had, which matters most of all.

We sold most of our t-shirts, if not all, but a good start on the initial order.

I sold swats with a  paddle or cane for three for $1, and did made probably $15 doing that.

So, my plan for the rest of the day is to take it as easy as I can.  I may not dress.  I may just hang out in pajamas and robe.

There’s a frozen pizza heating in the oven.

There are mindless videos waiting on the television.

I believe the theme for the rest of the day is vegging out.

No one in the hospital, no one in jail.

It was a success.

2 comments to I Lived

  • vanillamom  says:

    So glad you made it through. Another lifetime ago, I was “queen bee” for a place I worked…it was an intimidating role for one who is really, at the core, an extremely shy person. It took a LOT of juice out of me doing those occasional big social events (our top numbers would have been 60-75)…I sit in amazement here to see that you had 150+ at your munch…whoa! And of *course* everyone wants a bit of face time with Ms. Constance!!! They’d be bonkers to go to an event and NOT seek you out. !!

    I hope you did get the chance to totally veg yesterday, and recover. You are such a dynamic person, but again, I know how much it takes out of one to get through…between the set ups, the meetings, the texts and phone calls…it’s a wonder it didn’t run you down to the nubbin!

    I hope you made lots of money at your event. I love the idea of $1.00 for three swats. 🙂 I’d be digging through my purse for all the loose change I could find… *smiling*…


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      It took me a three-hour nap on Sunday AND Monday on top of a full night’s sleep on Sunday and today is the first day I feel pretty much like myself. slave drew and I had a conversation last night just before sleep claimed us that perhaps we had actually been drugged by the swingers. He stayed home ALL day Sunday, most of it spent lying on the couch with the dogs watching TV.

      In our lives together, I do not think he has ever done that before when he had a choice. It’s rare enough for him to stay home for an entire day – I seriously think Christmas was the last time I recall him doing that – but he spends part of his day reorganizing his books, or determining that the cabinet under the bathroom sink should be cleaned out and reorganized.

      So, yeah, we think the swingers drugged us. 🙂

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