My Screed for the Day

October 21, 2012 Uncategorized  No comments

So, I tend to take fits and starts with social network sites. Some of them are more kinky, some of them are more vanilla. Sometimes I spend time on them regularly, sometimes I set them aside and pretty much ignore them for a few weeks, then check back.

So I’ve been doing that over the last couple of days, and because I’ve been ON the site recently, I always get a new batch of emails from people.

Well, from men. Women almost never write me on those sites, which is fine, given that I’m pretty straight now.

So, I went through three sites this weekend and in every one of them, there’s basically the same message:

“I’ve contacted you before and you never respond so I guess you’re not interested. I’m a nice guy, really, give me a chance, I think you’re pretty/hot/beautiful/a babe.”

This reminds me of a great bit from Parks and Recreation, which I have blogged about before:

The guy is calling his ex-girlfriend and says, “April, this is Andy…Dwyer. This is like the 200th time I’ve called and you never call back, so I just wanted to say if you’re trying to tell me something, I don’t know what it is, because you won’t call me back.”

Really, I am not being cryptic here.

If I didn’t respond multiple times, there’s a reason.

It’s not me playing some kind of chase-me game, just hoping you’ll pursue me. While a certain amount of flirtatious pursuit can be engaging, it is only so if there’s some response.

Otherwise it’s just kind of creepy.

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