Questions for Dominants 06

October 1, 2012 Uncategorized  2 comments

7.      In your most significant relationship(s), do you or did you have a contract?

Yes, I know, it’s question seven but blog post six.  I had a bad question, or one I’d already answered, but I would rather have the question numbers off than the titles off, because I’m OCD enough that it would be weird.

So, interestingly, I do not have a contract now, nor have I ever had a contract.

I say interestingly because I like rituals and protocols so much and I’m so detail-oriented, you’d think I’d love contracts.

I think contracts have always had two issues for me.  One is, I hate being confined by written rules, even my own.

The other issue is that I am SO obsessed with details that I feel compelled to document every single option.  You can do this in this circumstance but in this circumstance you can only do THIS, unless it’s late at night in which case it’s THIS and then, of course, if it’s north of the 39th Parallel then it’s THIS…

I would drive myself, an everyone else, crazy.

I know, I already do, but imagine how much worse it would be.

So, now that I’ve said I don’t have a contract I realize that’s actually a lie, I do have a contract with drew, because I married him, five years ago this month.

We had a very traditional ceremony, too, also perhaps unexpected.  We said “I will,” rather than “I do,” the ceremony straight out of the book of common prayer.

I can’t remember if I actually promised to obey, or if that forsaking all others part was there, either.  I did interpret a couple of the vows differently than most, I suppose.

2 comments to Questions for Dominants 06

  • sin  says:

    I bet you didn’t promise to obey.

    And I’m wondering where the 39th Parallel is. I know where the 49th is. I might have to go google it. Inquiring minds want to know!

  • aisha  says:

    I’m thinking you didn’t promise to obey either. Surely not. 🙂


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