All Feast, No Famine

November 24, 2012 Kink CommunitySubmissivesVanilla Life  2 comments

So I am officially thankful.

I am thankful that the dining room got put back together so the living room could get put back together so the kitchen could be put back together so we could do a Thanksgiving gathering.

It wasn’t a LOT of people, 14 in all, but any more would have been too tight, particularly when an actual meal was involved for about half of them, albeit in three shifts.

The food was good – I’m a good cook, and I have put on enough big meals that I know how to do it, how to make things come out at about the right time, etc.

My favorite part, though, was after the meal, or at least after the first shift of the meal.  I knew it would be.  It was the time when we were all gathered in the living room – a decent-sized room – and that’s always my favorite part.

The work is done by then.  The food was cooked and served and much of it sitting on the new buffet for people to help themselves.

I had made pumpkin pie – of which I have yet to have a piece, though I think of the two I had made, about a half of one is left – and others brought sweets, too.

Charles and jacki brought a lovely cinnamon crumb cake, Cerrin brought amazingly good caramel blonde brownies, and aisha brought chocolate covered strawberries.

Charles and jacki had also brought wine, I had laid in wine, another friend bought a bottle.

I drank a lot of wine.  Slave drew tells me that there were five empty bottles.

I know that six of them didn’t or don’t drink at all.

I know that another one drank, but not wine, and another may well drink, but didn’t last night.

That takes us down to six people who drank wine.

Five bottles of wine.  Six people drinking it.

See where I’m going here?

I really had a lovely time, though.

Today we’ve mostly stayed close to home.  I’ve gone into the yard by about a dozen feet, and about six feet into the garage.

We’ve had leftovers for lunch and I had soup for dinner, and am finally having a slice of pumpkin pie.

All the Thanksgiving dishes, all the silver, all the cookie pans are washed, much of it waiting to be put away, which I’ll do tomorrow.

It always takes a while for everything to get emptied and washed and dried, especially when people linger after the meal, which I was delighted that they did.

It’s always rather a disappointment when you make a dinner and everyone is gone by 8pm, and you have a pile of dishes in front of you and not nearly as many funny stories.

Aisha did mention the evening in her blog, here, if you’ve not seen it, you might want to take a look.

Now we begin the sprint to Christmas.  Be here before you know it.

I do hope all of you had gatherings that were as fun, as invigorating, and made you as thankful as I am for the many blessings I have.

2 comments to All Feast, No Famine

  • aisha  says:

    Too much wine or not, it was a good time…


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