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I bet you thought I’d forgotten this thread, huh?

Nah, I just got caught up with the holiday and the dining room renovation, and all that kind of distractions.

So, anyway, the first munch I ever went to was in Lexington, Kentucky.  It would have been the summer, probably June or July, of 1997.

I don’t know that it was called a munch, I honestly don’t remember.

I had ended my previous relationship and now had the ability to do what I wanted and I wanted to find a community of some kind.

The munch was held at a horrible Ryan’s Steak House, and a couple named Denise and Jeff were running it at the time.

There weren’t a lot of people there, maybe 20 or so.  I guess I knew a couple of people already from online.  I don’t remember being nervous about going in, but surely I was, at least a little.

I actually went to Lexington munches regularly for a number of years, probably for six or eight years I hardly missed any munches there.

I saw the munch there through multiple hosts, some good, some not so bad, one downright damaging.

I moved to Indianapolis in January of 1998 for a job.  I’d started the munches in Louisville just a few months before, but Indy wasn’t that far, two hours away, I came down for every munch for the year I lived out of town.

I also took over the Indianapolis munch for the year I was there.  The people who’d run it before were about to shut it down, and I wrote and asked them to give it to me instead, which they did.

I went back to the Indy munch periodically over the years, though it finally ceased to operate about two years ago.

I’ve been to munches in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Bloomington, Indiana.

I may well have been to other munches that I have forgotten over the years.

So maybe this should really be called Munches I Have Known.

I’ve known a lot of munches.  Some were more welcoming, some were less.  Some lasted, some disappeared after a few months.

And in the end, they all had value because they all gave the community a place to gather, and a group of like-minded people to gather with.

And wherever they were, that’s the important thing.

2 comments to Kink First – My First Munch

  • Thomas Smith  says:

    I enjoyed reading about your first Munch in Lexington. The archives of (ASB which start in March 1994) have posts about the earlier munch in Louisville

    There was an active Louisville munch from July 1994 through summer 1995, at a range of restaurants.

    Curious if any of these folks get involved when the Louisville Munch that is in place today began meeting?

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      I assume you mean the LATEX group – Louisville Area Trust Exchange. There were maybe three or four people that were involved there that were also involved in the Louisville Munch, but that was really a totally separate group. I had no connection at all with LATEX, and since I founded and organized the munch for those first ten years, there wasn’t any connection.

      I knew/know a few people who were involved in LATEX, and they came to munches occasionally, but none of them, save one I can think of, were ever really Louisville Munch attendees.

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