Munch Weekend

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So this was a busy weekend.

On Friday we went to a wedding of a couple of lifestyle friends.  It was outside and quite nice.  drew knew more people there than I did because he hangs out at a local coffee stop where many of them work.

I don’t even like the smell of coffee so I steer clear of those places usually.  Even tea from them SMELLS like coffee.

Anyway, we did talk to a few people there, but my most interesting conversation with the mother of the groom.

She asked us which of the two we knew and I said that we knew them both, though we had known the groom for longer than the bride, three or four years.

His mother was very nice, and said, “Oh, do you know him from the life…  What is it you call it?”

I said, “Lifestyle?”

She said, “Yes, the lifestyle, is that where you know him?”

I agreed that it was and then said, “I have, in fact, a couple of times shaken my finger at him,” and demonstrated.  “Well, actually, it was more like this,” and raised my gaze about a foot, because the groom is 6’4″ at least, tall and skinny, and had a freshly dyed purple Mohawk for the wedding, which makes him closer to 6’8″.

He often wears a pair of platform boots, though not at the wedding, that add at least another 4″ to 6″ to his height.

He is, as my mother would have said, a tall drink of water.

Anyway, his mother told me she was sure he deserved it – he did – and that I should feel free to continue.

We left relatively early because we were taking care of dogs for friends and had to stop in and check on them, then ran by home to get something, then off to the Friday munch.

We sat with aisha, and her Sir, and Sfp, who was visiting.  We also sat with Charles and jacki, and Cerrin.  In other words, most of my favorite people.  It was a fun munch and to slave drew was in rare form is an understatement.

Then on Saturday we had the Saturday munch.  I sat with Tammy, whom I like a lot and who has been out of touch for a while.  I always enjoy her company.  I chatted with a lot of folks, some familiar faces and some not.

One thing that’s really amazing is the amount of things available in Louisville.

There are three munches a month, the first Friday, first Saturday and fourth Sunday.

There is a group for those 18 to 35 that meets monthly.

There is a special interest discussion group with separate discussions for submissives, dominants and switches, and combined discussion after.

There is a coffee gathering every Wednesday.

There is a kinky book club that meets monthly.

There is a chapter of Masters And slaves Together that meets monthly.

There is a group for people interested in pet play, like puppy or pony.

There is a Club FEM group here, Females Enslaving Males, that meets monthly.

There is another new group that’s just forming.

There are occasional special things, like our upcoming Fringe Elements party, or the formal Leather dinner, or a littles party, and my Bluegrass Leather Pride contest.

There are bar events, too, usually about every month or two.

It’s really fairly amazing, isn’t it?  And I may have missed a group, if so, please forgive me, I think you might be able to see WHY I forgot a group.

People who live in Louisville or visit are really in an enviable position in the kink community.  We have so much available to us.

You would be hard-pressed, I think, to attend every event that’s available to you here.

I think it works out to about 15 gatherings a month – sometimes there are meetings scheduled for Saturday or Sunday afternoon AND Saturday or Sunday evening, too.

But still.

My dining room is nearly painted.  Tomorrow, I’m told, we’ll be able to put the room back together again, or at least begin it.

It won’t be a quick process, I have to unpack all the boxes of dishes and such that were packed.  Most will need to be washed because they’ve been in cupboards and then wrapped in newsprint, so washing is imperative.

I also want to go through my sets of dishes and combine and consolidate some of them.  I’ll be very glad to have all that done so I can begin, but in the meantime, it’s past my bedtime and that whole hour change thing threw me off.

11 comments to Munch Weekend

  • striving for peace  says:

    As always, it was a pleasure to be welcomed by your group. Please thank Drew for his wonderful company — I had a lovely time.


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      We were both so glad you got a chance to attend the munch, and we enjoyed your company as well. You’ll have to come back. In March. For the Kinky Blogger thing. That aisha is going to organize for me.

      Think she’ll notice that?

      • sin  says:

        I noticed it, I think she will too.


        • MsConstanceExplains  says:

          I think she DID notice. At least I got an email that sounded that way.

          Now all we have to do is start planning…

  • sin  says:

    wow – quite a picture you painted of the groom – so tall and with the purple mohawk. He sounds intimidating – though not to everyone I suppose – and that’s your point.


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      He’s actually not that intimidating in one sense, he’s a switch and while I wouldn’t at all say he was submissive to me, he’s always MORE swapped to the bottom side of the spectrum around me. I’m kind of like the kinky mother hen here, in some ways, so that’s pretty natural.

      It was an interesting wedding, although I don’t think it beats the biker wedding I went to once, in terms of unique.

  • aisha  says:

    It was a lot of fun seeing youall at the munch, as always! i have SIG’s on my calendar for sure this month, and need to find out more about the kinky book club. i don’t think i even knew about that!

    And it’s fun to bring out of town guests to the munches. We’ll have to figure out what event to incorporate into the kinky bloggers’ convention, right? 🙂


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Well, you know, aisha, I’m doing my Bluegrass Leather Pride event on the first weekend in March. I plan to have classes, so maybe it’s time for an “Online Presence” track that addresses things like Kinky Blogging, and Writing Effective Erotica. We should talk.

      And the rest of you should mark your calendars, huh?

  • aisha  says:

    March, huh? That did get my attention. First weekend in March. We do need to talk!!


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Thought that would get your attention. I think it could be fun, and something that’s not been done before, so what the hell?


  • Between the Dashes ~ Kinky. Bloggers. Convention. « aisha  says:

    […] says that here, in her comments section.  Granted, she also says we need to talk, she and i, and we haven’t […]

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