Time after Time

November 21, 2012 slave drewVanilla Life  2 comments

So, I had a busy and productive day and the dining room is making strides, just some last where-does-this-go-now things left, really, and I had time to dust some areas.

The living room no longer has chairs stacked in it.

I tidied up my cupboards and pulled out the things I would need for the next few days easily accessible.

I did a couple more of those emails that had been hanging fire – does anyone else use that term other than me? – and got through a lot of those that aren’t pressing but just build up so quickly – blog entries and all the sale reminders and recipes and message notifications – at least in my mailbox.

I seeded two pomegranates, which does not sound like a lot unless you have seeded pomegranates.

I polished a silver ice bucket that I had bought at a yard sale, which hadn’t been polished in probably a decade.  slave drew had to help on that one, my already overtaxed polishing arms and hands gave out.

I made a list of what’s being served – I have plans for tomorrow, but I often cook a sort of Chosen Family Thanksgiving on the Friday AFTER and I’m doing that again this year.  That makes me feel more settled, too.

Also, as anyone who sometimes puts on a rather large and/or complicated meals knows, a list ensures that you do not, after everyone is tucking into pie, or worse, gone home, find the side dish of oyster stuffing or the deviled eggs still sitting in the very back of the fridge.

So, I will be busy some tomorrow, but I’ll have a bit more time and, one hopes, energy, since as of now I’m drooping.

I hope all of you have a lovely day tomorrow, stuffing yourself if you celebrate Thanksgiving, or, for that matter, even if you only celebrate Thursday.


2 comments to Time after Time

  • Wordwytch  says:

    Yes, we use the term Hangfire… and some other odd ones. 🙂 Even know the origins of the term.

    Have a good thanksgiving.

  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    So what is the origin?

    Hope you had a lovely one, too. Our “real” Thanksgiving will be tomorrow, which is kind of nice, actually.

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