Wednesday Coffee

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I went to the Wednesday Coffee gathering tonight, where I was collecting food for the I ♥ it in the Can – Kentucky food drive.

This is the second year I’ve done that, but I’ve often raised money or other donations for different groups.  I’ve raised money for animal shelters and anti-hunger agencies, women’s shelters and AIDS/HIV shelters.

I’ve never kept track of how much, but it’s quite a bit now, probably over $25k over the years, I’d guess.

Anyway, it was perfectly pleasant, and I got quite a few donations there for both Kentucky Harvest and the Animal Care Society, a no-kill shelter.

Someone had brought quite a bit of donations, and told me that it was more than she could carry, and she either seemed to think that I would make her carry it, or I would carry it myself from car to car.

I said, “Oh, I can round up a few pairs of hands, just let me know when.”

About a half hour later she was ready, so I stood up and said to the group of 30-35 people, “Can I have a couple of volunteers to carry some things?”

I think ten people started to stand up and I ended up with five or six people.

My sole contributions were unlocking my car and having snagged the parking spot right in front of the venue, and I can live with that.

The dining room is painted, and I am now in the process of unpacking what got packed up before the project, and also unpacked four boxes of dishes and kitchen things that had been packed for a long time, though they weren’t large boxes, either.

I found some things I’d been looking for, so that was good.  It will take a bit to get it all back together because I want to actually unpack everything and put like with like.  I have silver that’s not been polished in too long, and all the dishes need to be washed, too, because they are at the very least dusty.

I plan to go to drew’s lake house for a couple days over the weekend.  I’ve not been there in too long and Amish country is on the agenda.  It should be really pretty.

In the meantime, however, it’s past my bedtime.

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