Apocalypse How?

December 21, 2012 Kink and BDSMKink CommunityKink Events  4 comments

Ok, so it’s a cheap shot.  Neither slave drew nor I had to get up especially early this morning so we were lying in bed chatting.

I’d had an odd dream – I’ve had a string of them lately, nothing bad, just one of those odd ones, and I told him about it, and then commented that we were still here, so there was, at least thus far, no apocalypse, and I told him that the title of my blog yesterday was “Apocalypse Now?”

“And if I were a cattle rancher, it would have been Apocalypse Cow…”

“And if I were a pig farmer, it would have been Apocalypse Sow…”

“And if I were a boat builder, it would have been Apocalypse Prow…”

“If you were a chef, it would have been Apocalypse Chow…”

“And if I were a farmer, it would have been Apocalypse Plow…”

“And if I were a Quaker, it would have been Apocalypse Thow…”

“And if I were a handy man, it would have been Apocalypse How…”

“And if there really IS an apocalypse, and I can write a blog, I’ll call it Apocalypse – Ow!”

Ok, I’m done with bad Apocalypse Now references, and aren’t you glad?

So, the world didn’t end, unless it ends in the next hour, but even so, it’s already the day after on the west coast, and I’m pretty sure I’d have heard if the apocalypse started in L.A.

I have been wading through my inbox tonight, and have made some progress, but I still have lots to do.  I also finally looked at my calendar for 2013.

On a monthly basis, what I have in terms of kink-related events are:

First Friday Munch

First Saturday Munch

Third Saturday BDSM 101 Class

Third Sunday Special Interest Group Discussion

Third Thursday Titleholder Preparation Gatherings

Fouth Sunday Munch

Add in a Fringe Elements party about every six weeks, and two or three Board of Director meetings a month for the same thing.

And the MAsT Chapter meetings that I never seem to make.

Then there are the out-of-town events I have on my calendar, usually an event at least every other month, and local parties for one thing or another.

I could say no, I suppose.  That is, theoretically, possible.  But I never seem to.  I almost always say yes.

No wonder my calendar is a mess.

So, since the world hasn’t ended, I better get my act together, huh?  I need to update my online calendar – I use a paper calendar to lay things out, then I need to add them to my online calendar.

I need to answer a bunch of mail.

I need to update and add some events on Fetlife.

I have the domain www.msconstanceexplains.com, and I need to set this up there.

I need to do some long-term planning for my own Bluegrass Leather event in March, and for Great Lakes Leather Alliance in August, and some sort of personal goals for the upcoming year.

So, I can only end this blog in one way:

No Apocalypse?  Wow.

4 comments to Apocalypse How?

  • Wordwytch  says:

    LOL! Maybe that should have been Apack-o-whips! Ow! 🙂

    As for getting organized, Wolf and I have been using KanbanFlow https://kanbanflow.com It has worked very well and is web based, so you can access it anywhere.

  • sin  says:

    Apocalypse Cow. Tsk.

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