December 12, 2012 Dominance  4 comments

I’ve been thinking about discipline a lot lately.  Probably because I’ve been sort of alternating between feeling as though I’m way behind and feeling as though I’ve gotten a lot done, and that brings the concept to mind.

Obviously, there are different meanings for the word discipline.

In our lifestyle, one thing discipline can mean physical punishment.  The good kind.

It can also mean discipline within a relationship.  I might expect a certain level of discipline from those who serve me, the ability and the willingness both in order to keep their lives together, to get the things done they need to be done, and to do the things I ask them to do.

I find it funny that discipline has such a poor connotation so often in the vanilla world.  Being the disciplinarian in the household is usually seen as the odious task.  You know, one person has to be the heavy while the other gets to be the friend.

On the other hand, without discipline, nothing really gets done, does it?

I suppose if I had my druthers, it would be more fun to do nothing but really surf the web – you know, let one fun website lead me to the next, watch YouTube videos, play solitaire.

Even saying that, though, I know it’s not true.  I hate YouTube, for instance.  Why on earth would I want to watch a video that is four inches by three inches?

I’ll tell all of you a secret.  Any of you who are my friends who send me the occasional YouTube url with the note that I have to watch it, it’s hysterical?

I never watch them.

I either simply ignore them, or if that would be rude, I wait an appropriate length of time, and then parrot back whatever you’ve said to me about it.  “LOL,” if you said it was funny.  “Wow,” if you said it was amazing.  “Sad,” if you said it was heartbreaking.  I don’t ever watch them.

Just so you know.  This will save you from sending them to me.

So, no, I really wouldn’t want to do that.

I have discovered that time passes too quickly already.

Can you BELIEVE it’s less than two weeks till Christmas?  Can you believe that in two weeks it will be the new year?

I can’t.

So, time passes so quickly as it is, and there’s no way to slow it down.  Time is relentless, it marches on, and on, and on.

If my time is so limited, why would I want to waste it?

I know, I know, it’s not necessarily wasting time to relax, but I feel so much better accomplishing things.

I wish I had more discipline than I do, honestly.

But, we do what we can do, I suppose.

And I’m not sure I actually got anywhere with this blog post.

Maybe I should have made cookies.

4 comments to Discipline

  • dave94015  says:

    Your experience in these things points out the different connotation of the “D” word – both a punishment and, more importantly (in my opinion), doing what it takes to keep a relationship going. I think all participants in the relationship (mine is a poly triad) have a responsibility for this.

    It’s odd that the same term is used for two different things.

    Some people criticize the “overuse” of the internet, but for some in isolated areas, it may be their only community of interest. Some of my net acquaintances read your posts frequently but don’t have the courage to go to your munches or other munches closer to them. Maybe in time…

    I have one question. By “good kind” of punishment, you mean constructive punishment?

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      By “good” punishment, I mean the kind that submissives – males at least – often talk about when they mean spanking and other things they like. They will ask if you punish much, but they never mean are you stern, they mean, will you play with me.

      I do think constructive punishment is a good way to look at punishment that is meant to achieve a goal or enforce a kind of behavior. I do think that discipline and punishment are often used interchangeably, even though I don’t think they are. I would say that discipline is more of an internal process, and punishment is more of an external process.

  • sin  says:

    Hee hee, this made me laugh. That you NEVER watch those little youtube videos. I do watch them, though I don’t watch much TV. The very first youtube video I ever saw was a sexual one, though not pornographic at all, very D/s wnd steamy, and I wish I could find it for you. But oh, you did say you wouldn’t watch it!


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      LOL I know, it’s true, you’d send it, and I’d wait an appropriate amount of time, and then thank you prettily for it. I *might* even watch the first 10 seconds or so if I thought there might be a quiz.

      “Yeah, it was very funny, I really liked the beginning…”


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