First Fig

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First Fig

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

That’s a bit how I feel tonight.  I have, I fear, been burning my candle at both ends and I am paying the price, such as it is, at the moment.

I’m still fighting that cold and the cold is, tonight at least, winning.

We had a Fringe Elements Board meeting last night and I talked a lot for three hours or so.

Then I made what I thought would be a quick customer service call for a domain issue, and it took 45 minutes, which was good because I got something settled, but still it was 45 minutes of talking.

I stayed up too late because I couldn’t sleep and then got up pretty early because all three dogs badly needed to get to the groomer.

Then I did a bit of Christmas shopping, and then I had a lunch engagement – more talking – and then a bit more shopping, then picking up the dogs late in the afternoon, requiring rather scurrying home to drop them off and change to go to the Friday Munch.

Oh, and just to add to the fun, it rained ALL fucking day.  I don’t mind rain, really, and we can use it, but it made bad Friday-in-December-before-Christmas driving even worse, and much of it was in one rush hour or another.

So I spent the whole day, in a really nearly literal sense, driving in the rain, walking in the rain, running from car to store and store to car.  Not enough to be soaked or anything, but enough to be splashing through the puddles.

So then after I scurried home, as much as one could scurry in the traffic, I went to the Friday Louisville Munch.

I had promised to bring a couple things to folks at the Munch, and I’d also texted a bit back and forth with aisha who was going to be there with her Sir, so there was that.

With a bit more planning or recognition of my day, I might have taken a pass and stayed home, but the candle was already lit, so…

And then I talked for three more hours.

I suspect I will have completely lost my voice tomorrow.  I’m prone to it anyway, and I have strained it too much, I think.  My throat is not sore to swallow, but it’s still sore, both from talking and from coughing.

And I suspect that’s more than anyone needs to know.

Tomorrow I am going to begin my cookie production, and hopefully not leave the house.  slave drew will not be around until late in the day, and then only for an hour or so before he has an engagement I am taking a pass on.

I’ll be making a couple cookies from blogs, I am going to have to go find aisha’s recipe from last year that ‘nilla said was her kids’ favorite…

And now I’m even going to stop speaking here.  Have a good one.


9 comments to First Fig

  • Wordwytch  says:

    I think that a great many of us are burning the candle at both ends. I know that I have. Eventually I will hit the last bit and that will be the end. For the moment though, I think it is enough to simply realize that I’m stretching myself too thin. And to be honest, the only reason it has gone as far as it has is because Wolf is only today feeling better.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      I think this is the month of spreading thin. We have all the usual stuff that we have to get done week in and week out, and then there’s all the holiday stuff on top of it.

      Like baking ridiculous amounts of cookies, for instance.

      • Wordwytch  says:

        🙂 Agreed. Baking cookies and cuddling new grandboys.

  • vanillamom  says:

    As a victim of twice-yearly visits with laryngitis…I hear you. or, *grin*…not. It’s a HUGE pain in the ass to lose your voice. Rainy days are ick. I know we need it, and I know we don’t need to shovel it, but it’s still ick.

    I’m sorry you are still unwell, and hope you had a good stay-in day today. I had errands every day last week and I’m tired of it. This upcoming week? Stay in week and make cookie dough! I SWORE I was only going to make “the basics” this year. Ha! I have been collecting recipes like a crazy woman from teh swap and plan to make half a dozen of them or more. Heck the Yule season is only once a year, my only BIG cookie baking time. Fuckit, I’m going to go big or die trying. (steps slowly off the soapbox)…ahem.

    I seem to have hijacked your blog for a bit of personal cookie crusading, Ms. Constance. So sorry. (grinning)

    Hug. Hope you feel better soon.


    PS. I came home from work and made some home made chicken soup for my Master who is also under the weather. I swear by it. He’ll get His when we meet tomorrow. I hope you get some, too.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Feel free to hijack it, any time at all. 🙂

      Yes, I pretty much rested my voice all day, but was just trying to have a conversation with drew and it’s mostly gone, off and on. If you’ve never lost your voice, it’s a weird sensation. You feel like if you just talk a little LOUDER, but the actual ability to create vocal sounds and you just can’t. So you end up whispering, which feels silly.

      I am not a big fan of chicken soup, though I appreciate the thought. The thing about laryngitis is, by the time you’ve lost your voice, you usually don’t feel too bad. I’m tired from working on cookies all afternoon, and I still have a COLD, but I’m not really sick, either.

      I thought about scaling back, too, but since I have seven varieties made and at least four or five more on the agenda, that seems unlikely. There are neighbors and friends and clients and family who get cookies, and that’s a LOT of cookies.

  • vanillamom  says:

    I had no voice for 3, 4 days this spring. Dr. orders to NOT SAY A WCoORD…yeah, right, 4 kids, 2 of them under 8. As if.

    But resting is important. Cookie baking is at the least, a quiet activity! I make 50=60 dozen each Yule. We are cookie twins!!!


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      We ARE cookie twins!! I make at least that many, some years more. I would guess that this year I’ll make at least close to a dozen kinds, and I don’t make recipes that don’t make at least four to five dozen, and I have some that make twice that. Figure six dozen average for 12 kinds and that is like 70-80 DOZEN cookies.

      Good lord, I AM obsessed!

      • vanillamom  says:

        *laughing* yes you are…but I get it. I really do. I’ve already decided to make at least the dough for new cookies every day this week. the following week I might need two days for all the baking rather than one. We make a kick-ass vanilla sugar cookie dough, and I spent an hour cutting out mini cookies (I think we have 50 different cutters of all kinds of sizes for just about every season!)…I’m uncertain if I want to wait and just bake them all, or freeze them cut out and bake them later. It’s kind of an ass-ache to move them to the freezer. Then we frost them all. It’s like a hyper party, 6 of us crammed around the table glazing 20 million mini cookies! *strolls off singing “it’s the most wonderful time…of the year…..(wondering why the chorus of “ding dong” keeps running in my head?)….”

        (who would’ve thought cookies would be such a topic of conversation on a sex blog, right? LOL!)

        • MsConstanceExplains  says:

          I have dozens of cookie cutters but I don’t always make cut out cookies. I’m thinking I should this year, though. I also often make dog cookies, and I have bone and Scottie – of course – cutters for those. I also have a set that you can make an entire Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, all three-dimensional. One of these days I’ll actually make it.

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