My Weekend – Random Thoughts on Friday

December 5, 2012 Kink EventsVanilla Life  One comment

One thing I kept forgetting to mention was the actual Santa hat itself.  It’s a really NICE Santa hat.  I don’t know where I acquired it, but it’s one of those that is actually nice fake fur, and very plush.

It’s also enormous on me.  I have a smallish head anyway and hats are usually big, but this one would fit Zardoz.

Anyway, it also has a big, puffy, plush white pom-pom ball on the end of it.

Which, if I turn my head quickly, hits me in the face.

The chin, specifically.

This offered me multiple opportunities to say, “I’ve had a ball hit my chin before, but usually it was a pair and they weren’t so fuzzy…”

I would also periodically catch Cerrin’s eye and shake my head to make it hit me.  It made her giggle each time, and as someone else noted, when Cerrin giggles, Cerrin jiggles.

This won’t be a long post, the other thing I brought home from my weekend was a cold.  I spent most of Monday sleeping, and I’m still fighting it. Sunday night and Monday was a flu-ish sort of cold, now it’s settled into a head cold.

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Third Annual Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!  A bunch of bloggers will be posting their cookie recipes, some with photos, some without, which was the source of a whole panic attack earlier about whether or not I actually HAD to make the cookies to participate…

Actually, you don’t, as it turns out, and it’s likely I won’t, because I won’t have a chance to make them between now and end of day tomorrow, but I will post the recipe, picture-less.

So, what I have just now decided I will do, here in my kinky little corner of the world, is post photos and recipes of my cookies as I make them this year, as well as tomorrow.

I’ll consider it my own penance for causing such trouble.

I really do make a lot of cookies every Christmas.  slave drew teases that it’s like living in the Keebler Elf Tree House in December here.  I give away a LOT of cookies as gifts – many of his clients, neighbors, friends, the kind of people you want to give something personal.

Actually, last December I gave our own aisha a tray of cookies at the SIG group meeting.  She texted me on the way home.

It said, basically, “Oh, my god, these are fabulous, I ate five before I got across the bridge and had to put them in the back seat.”

We meet about ten minutes from the I65 bridge that crosses the Ohio River, separating Indiana from Kentucky.

I make at least eight or nine varieties, some that I make every year, a few new ones that get added to the mix.

I also don’t make three dozen or anything.  I don’t make less than six dozen of any cookie variety.

I tend to actually MAKE the batter in three or four flurries, then bake them off and on all month.

And now I do have coconut, I went out and got the rest of the things I needed tonight for cookies, so the baking will begin soon.

slave drew will rejoice.

I also want to add the photo I mentioned last night, now that you all have those photos firmly in your mind, here’s the reality.  It’s below.  Photos have been altered as a nod to privacy, other than the pony.  Gypsy said she was fine with her pony face being visible.

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