Quiet Saturday

December 29, 2012 EventsKink and BDSMMemoriesslave drew  7 comments

I’ve not felt very well for a couple of days, a stomach thing that was minor but didn’t feel minor, but I’m feeling closer to myself now, though still not 100%.

I’ve had a quiet couple of days, not doing much, not going anywhere, other than slave drew and I going out today to the mall.  He wanted to look for something  and I went along.  I found a couple of things at good after-Christmas prices, so it was worthwhile.

We made a quick grocery run, too, and now we’re home until we head to see slave drew’s brother, his wife, and their two children tomorrow evening.  Then we have one more gathering

Other than that, I’ve spent the day at home, and I have no complaints about that, either.

It snowed last night, so I got up to a very pretty world, the kind with a couple of inches of very wet snow stuck to every horizontal surface, and some that aren’t so horizontal, either.

The dogs were delighted.  Snow must do something to the scents out there, because the dogs love little as much as fresh snow.  It’s not so cold as to be overly unpleasant, but cold enough that the snow’s not melted, so it’s still pretty.

It was funny to watch people out and about today.  I wore a turtleneck, a long-sleeve t-shirt and a zippered sweater over it, but no coat.

I hate coats.

I hate being cold, too, but I most of the time hate coats more, so I will nearly always just deal with being cold between car and building rather than have to wear a coat.  There’s one in the car if I break down, but I rarely do.

There were people out today in mukluks and parkas, hats and earmuffs.  It was about 34 degrees.



Thirty-four degrees.

I went to college in upstate New York, and lived there for six years all told.

I used to walk regularly to jobs, to classes, from one bus stop to another and back again.

If you breathed through your mouth, your jaw ached because your fillings got so cold.

You didn’t go anywhere without coat and hat and gloves and boots and that includes to take out the garbage.

I remember sitting around in our apartment with friends.  The radiator in the living room worked so little that we kept our television on it.

What we routinely wore, in each other’s houses in winter, was long underwear, tops and bottoms, jeans, socks, shoes or slippers, a flannel shirt, a wool sweater and a down vest.

To see people in 34 degree temperatures dressed us as if they are delivering the serum to Nome always amuses me.

Really, sir, I swear, you don’t need earmuffs in your car.  Honest.

And if someone would like to explain the concept of sequined mukluks to me, I will listen and try and maintain a straight face, but seriously.  Sequined mukluks?  I think not.

We’ve spent our evening watching Project Runway and various British murder mysteries.  Our Christmas gift for us this year was a new television – nothing wild, I think it’s 32″, and it was a very good price – a $500 TV for $200.

The sound, however, was less than stunning, so when I noticed a sound bar that was regularly about $180 for $40, so we added that to the system, and I spent a few minutes last night setting it up, so we’ve been enjoying sound we can hear again.

I started writing a presentation for South Plains on the concept of transparency, specifically in M/s relationships.  It will require a lot more work, but it’s at least started, which makes me feel good.

I got the rest of the dividers I needed for my presentation binder, too, and set them up.  That makes me feel much more organized.

Eventually I’d like to move them all to Power Point presentations, too, but I haven’t gotten that far.  I’ve also spent a bit of time trying to go through my files on my computer and organizing them.  They’re not a terrible mess, but it’s hard to have 15 – really – years worth of files that have been on four or five computers, and have them all as tidy as one might like.

Over the spring, I’d like to get that done, get my files sorted, get the programs migrated to Power Point as well as the notes I already have.

I suppose that while I rarely make resolutions, I do like to have plans, and those are probably the same thing.  I’ll set up some other goals for myself over the next few weeks.

For the moment, my goal is an early bedtime.

If some of your goals are less than lofty, you have a better chance of meeting them.

7 comments to Quiet Saturday

  • Jz  says:

    It’s a gorgeous, frosted-world morning here, too.
    With, god be praised, not a single sequined mukluk in sight.
    (I honestly can’t see those selling well here in New England…)

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      It’s funny what people think is cold. I grew up in a desert – if it got over 105, then it was HOT, but hey, it’s the desert. It’s supposed to get hot.

      Then I lived in upstate. If it got under 10 or 15 below zero Fareinheit, then it was COLD, but hey, it’s upstate. It’s supposed to be cold.

      I fully believe everyone should live one really HOT place in their life, and one really COLD place, so they understand what HOT and COLD really are.

      I recommend doing COLD young.

  • Wordwytch  says:

    I live at 6200ft elevation. I heat with wood. I do not get these people who must have their houses at 80 in the winter and 65 in the summer. It was 43 today, warm! I ran around in my long undies, skirt and heavy shirt while I brought in wood, pulled the dog out from under the fence and did other chores. No coat.

    As for quiet time… I think we all need it. Just as we need time with people we love.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      I agree, and it drives me crazy. I have to wear sweaters in restaurants in summer because the A/C is turned up to arctic. Really? Could we not just have comfortably cool, do we really have to have so cold I’m miserable?

      I am cold natured, so I am usually cold. My hands and feet are usually cold. If I kept the house warm enough to make me happy, slave drew and the pups would all choose to live outside, and I would have to choose between all my other bills or the power bill.

      Instead, I have a small heater, that sits about two feet from me, and blows directly on me. The power cost is low, it doesn’t drive everyone else out from the blast, and yet, I am warm.

      I also came to the conclusion a few years ago that I will not complain about the heat again until I am literally burning in hell. I have spent too much time around women – it always seems to be women – who spend the entire summer whining about how hot it is. This accomplishes nothing other than boring and annoying those around you.

      Trust me.

      • Wordwytch  says:

        I too would much rather deal with moderate temperatures than the oddball highs and lows. I get cold at times, but that’s what sweaters and woolly socks are for.

        As for heat… We try to live where it isn’t an issue. Wolf had heat stroke once upon a time, and can’t deal with it. Otherwise, the only people I think who have the right to bitch about heat are those with hot flashes. 🙂

  • sin  says:

    “To see people in 34 degree temperatures dressed us as if they are delivering the serum to Nome always amuses me.” Yup. Heehee.

    It was about 0 here today I think (Fahrenheit) and an absolutely gorgeous day, bright blue sky and glittering snow. And no glittering mukluks.


  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    It was coolish here today, in the low to mid-30’s, sunny and bright. I didn’t go out until this evening, and I wore a coat and scarf but honestly, it was mostly because it’s a pretty scarf that was a gift, and I wanted to wear it, but it had to be worn with a coat, so…

    And anyone wearing glittering mukluks in GENUINELY bad weather would be laughed out of the snowbank.

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