One of Those Days

January 13, 2013 Bluegrass Leather PrideEventsFringe ElementsGreat Lakes Leather AllianceKink EventsVanilla Life  16 comments

Ever have one of those days?

It began with a LARGE dog mess that had to be cleaned up.  A mess that spanned two rooms.  First thing.

I’ve worked on laundry all day, which I honestly don’t mind, but it’s been a lot of steps up and down stairs, since the laundry is in the basement.  There has also been moving the clean clothes up to the upstairs, another flight.

I feel as though I’ve been doing a stair master all day, and while that’s not bad, my joints are beginning to protest.

I had another mess to clean up when the big plastic container of liquid laundry detergent somehow fell off the dryer, breaking the screw top, and spewing a certain amount of soap over the dryer, the washer, and some of the clean clothes.

Then there was the large pool of detergent on the floor.

I got it cleaned up, and now I have washcloths that are going to function as laundry drop-ins, since they are saturated with soap.

It has rained. ALL DAY.  I know, I know, we’re getting rain and I should shut the fuck up and be grateful, but it’s rained ALL day.  Drizzled.  Steady, drippy, boring rain.  Gray day, not a ray of sunshine to be seen.

Dogs can’t go out, or when they do, they track in astonishing amounts of mud.  There are puppy footprints on the floor where I swept up the puppy footprints yesterday from the rain yesterday.

I don’t know how much rain we’ve had over the last few days, but it’s been a lot.  The pool that we’ve never gotten around to draining for the winter because we’ve barely HAD a winter is about to overflow.

And for those of you who know about sub drop, let me tell you, event drop is just as real.

One is on and being all charismatic and upbeat and everything and it went well, but there’s a price one pays, too, in terms of the internal batteries, as well as external.

I’ve not done some of the things I wanted to do, and that’s ok, there’s time, but I feel unproductive, and that is never a feeling I like.  Bluegrass Leather Pride looms, GLLA is on the horizon, and Fringe Elements is always there.

I have had to do some bottoming for the community lately, and that’s not my favorite thing.  Sometimes we do things we find repugnant because it’s what’s required for the better of the community, and those are never the things that anyone notices.  One throws oneself on the sword at times.

I’m tired and probably hungry – dinner is bean soup I thankfully started this morning, and frozen biscuits.  I’ll survive, it’s not anything serious, but I would be much happier if tomorrow were a sunny day and the dogs could stay out longer than five minutes without bringing in so much mess that it feels like mud wrestling preliminaries.

I hope your Sunday is more cheerful than mine.

16 comments to One of Those Days

  • jadescastle  says:

    It sounds like you need copious amounts of chocolate after the day you have had. Or some nice tea, since you are a tea person. A symphony of annoying events is no fun. i do hope that tomorrow is sunny and peaceful for you.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Today was much better, if only somewhat sunnier. I think some of it is making internal peace with the things one does because one must, and, like everything else, distance. It makes such a difference even to be a few hours farther down the road, doesn’t it? And I know you know what I mean.

  • ancilla_ksst  says:

    I thought you had a slave for all that stuff? JK (kinda)

    My Sunday was worse. We spent it at the ER with one of the kids getting stitches. I feel horrible for him. It was a nasty cut from falling on the ice.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      I do have a slave who, alas, had some minor surgery last week and is down for the moment, not allowed to carry anything and still too loopy to do a lot. The other trips up the stairs have been to take him food, ice, and generally check on him, so every trip down the stairs has been balanced by at least two more up the stairs to check on him, take him something, take something down, or go back for the thing I forgot the first time.

      He should be more back to normal in another few days, but for the moment, that’s been some of the stress, too.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Yes, yours was absolutely worse, mine was just dreary and depressing and boring, but not injurious and no dominants were harmed in the making of the day.

      Even cleaning up dog vomit is better than stitches. Hope he’s better today.

  • Wordwytch  says:

    Sorry to hear of the mud, mess and frustrations. May next week flow better. I have the feeling that this has not been the best of weekends for a number of people. For me, it was the fact that the temps have hovered in the 20’s and my water pipes froze. And I have a dog that wants to be outside even now when it is 16F. Brrrr….

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      My dogs would be happy to BE outside in the cold, but they don’t love rain. I open the door and the male charges out, oblivious to it, and the females start out, stop short, and look up at me like, You have got to be kidding, it’s MISERABLE out there.

      In the cold, I have to make them come in, literally, when they have icicles hanging from their muzzles and eyebrows. Which proves to me that while the weather in Scotland must be genuinely miserable, it was still more miserable here yesterday.

      • Wordwytch  says:

        We had the icicles issue with my wolf mixes. That whole, but MOM! I’m Finally comfy! thing. This one is part coyote, and some days she’s fine. Other days she has a drama queen moment and nothing is right in her world.

  • aisha  says:

    Hope your week gets better fast, that Drew recovers completely, and that the sun shines on us again. Yesterday was truly frigging miserable.


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      drew is doing better, though he’s upstairs again, he got out a bit today and you know how that is when you’ve been down for a few days, you are winded from getting dressed.

      And today was better, but yes, yesterday just absolutely and totally SUCKED. It was ICKY in the extreme.

  • vanillamom  says:

    if it makes you feel *any* better, I had a grumpy day yesterday (without the laundry detergent episode). We’ve been socked in with fog for 2.5 days…and today is drizzly. I don’t think we’ve seen sunshine since Thursday. *blerg*

    And i’m tired of the wet. And the weekends are exhaustingly full…and I’m starting out today so behind in “blogland” that I am stressing about that…

    AND I won’t get an orgasm until the 27 because my Master is a devious Dom. *sigh*

    Hug to you Ms. Constance. Hoping your Monday is better!


    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Thank you, much, today was much better. It was cold, but there was at least some sun and it didn’t frigging RAIN ALL FUCKING DAY!

      It’s amazing how that improves one’s mood.

      I’ve never lived anywhere that had fog for more than short periods. It always seemed interesting and kind of fun, though I do remember 45 terrifying minutes of a drive home from Syracuse to a nearby small town in upstate New York. There was so much fog you could not see anything, including where the road was, but so much, too, that it was more dangerous to stop because no one could see you if you did and you had no way of knowing where you were or the road was. All you could do was try and follow the taillights of the car in front of you and genuinely pray the whole way that you were not following them off the side of a bridge or embankment, too.

      Come to think of it, fog is not fun.

      • vanillamom  says:

        It was like that on my two treks into the metro area near where I live. Had to transport the teen and friend from volunteer gig to church and back home…once the fog was clear, and lifted…and the next trek, a few hours later, it was back to pea-soup. NOT a fun condition to drive in, at all.

        Today was *gorgeous*…very nearly hit 60, and sunny and clear and luscious a day as January ever offered in the northeast…tomorrow cold reality returns…but we’ll remember today for a while!


  • Jz  says:

    It was no better here – foul and wet – but I console myself with the fact that it means I don’t have to go chainsaw downed limbs just yet.

    Perhaps some sequined mukluks would cheer you?

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      LOL Actually, the funny thing is, the weather here has been so up and down that one day last week I saw two women going into a restaurant together. One had on capris and Keds with no socks and the other was wearing leggings and mukluks. It was pretty jarring.

  • ancilla_ksst  says:

    Oh no! Poor guy! I didn’t realize he was quite so down.

    The kid says it hurts a lot, but he’s been pretty upbeat anyway.

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