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Had I been smart, I would have written a blog post before heading out to the Fringe Elements Taster’s Choice party last night.

I thought of that about the same time I realized that I had forgotten the mascara.  It was too late to go back and do it by then.

So the party went well.  We had about 120 people, which is a good sized party.  Our class lineup was Rope Bondage by Robyn, Boot Massage by Bootblack Bella, Therapeutic Massage by Kristin, Intro to Canes by Ms Constance – yours truly – Intro to Flogging by GypsyPony, Hot Safe Sex by Leather Queer, Intro to Electrical Play by Sir Russ, Intro to Knife Play by Sir Charles, Rough Body Play by Walter Sobchak, Intro to Needles by Ms Tammy, Intro to Littles Play by Johnnie and Maggie, and Massage for Doms by Shawna the Dead.

Most classes ran about a half hour – the theme was Taster’s Choice, a chance to give people a taste of a skill or activity, and introduction to it.  A couple ran longer because there was too much to do in so short a time, but I was very pleased.

I actually did my cane class twice, and was surprised at the attendance both times.  I probably had about 30 people all together.

I’m always surprised at how many people are interested in canes.  I think it’s like anything else that people are afraid of, they’re also fascinated by.

I do a longer class on crops and canes both, and this was an abbreviated version.  I also caned probably a half dozen people who were interested in the experiencing how canes feel, so that was fun, too.

It was a good event, but the end result of such things is always that I am fairly exhausted the next day.  I actually didn’t stay as late as I usually do, because I wanted to check on slave drew, but I left for the party about about 5:00 or so and got home about 1:00am or so, so I was still gone about eight hours.

Now I need to really start focusing on Bluegrass Leather Pride, which will be my work this week.

If you were there, I hope you had a great time.  If you were not, and could have been, then you missed out. If you couldn’t make it due to distance, I forgive you.



5 comments to Post Party

  • snowfoxx  says:

    As one of the “mostly” forgiven, I know I will be attending Bluegrass Leather Pride and I will gladly do my penance then in whatever form you deem necessary.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Hmm. A penance, huh? Wonder what that could be… Let me think on that. 🙂

  • ancilla_ksst  says:

    Sounds great! We went to a party/munch last night, but it was much smaller and informal, no classes.

    I remember being so afraid of canes until I went out and bought one. Now it is one of my most favorite things. I made sure to pack it in the toy bag for last night :), along with the single tail (which I also used to be scared stiff of) and the paddle, ropes etc.

    • MsConstanceExplains  says:

      Canes are amazing. As much as anything I love the pacing of canes, the fact that it forces you to slow down and savor the moment.

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