Productive Beginnings

January 1, 2013 Eventsslave drewVanilla Life  2 comments

So, today was the first day of 2013, and I made a good start to it, and I am happy about that.

slave drew and I had some left over lasagne I made last night, which was quite good.  We also realized that between about 4pm and 8pm, he ate:

Two veggie dogs with bread.

His LARGE serving of lasagne, and about a third of my more reasonable portion.

A good sized salad.

Five muffins.  Yes, that’s right, five.  These were not little gem muffins, these were full-size muffins I made this evening, and they were pretty good.

So, I fed slave drew, which is not a small thing.

I uploaded some photos for drew to his Facebook account.

I also responded with a long email to something, and I added nine new events for my BDSM Basics series, with class descriptions for each month, which is a good part of the whole work of putting a class together.  Once I know what the class is ABOUT, then it’s easy to present it.

In addition to getting the events created and written, I got my online calendar updated for the year.  A lot of things are continuing items – munches and SIG’s and meetings.  Then there are the big events, like GLLA that need to be added.

I keep a paper calendar, too, because I need that visual, too, sometimes.  And now, on the first day, I feel as though I’m a bit more ready for the coming year.  I have added enough of drew’s calendar to keep me aware of what he’s doing, too, and that’s important as well.

So, in the glow of New Year organization, I will toddle myself off to bed.


2 comments to Productive Beginnings

  • vanillamom  says:

    absolutely speaks to my tidy little heart!

    And…must’ve been muffin day…i made muffins -2 dozen- for my herd on First morning…only 3 remained for snack for my littles today.


  • MsConstanceExplains  says:

    I used to make muffins a lot in my youth, and I am going to have to start that again, they’re incredibly easy to make, and they’re always good. I’ve also started getting a bi-weekly milk delivery and sometimes I can’t use up the milk, which is non-homogenized, before it goes bad and soured milk works just fine in muffins.

    I see muffins in my future.

    And slave drew’s.

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