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Last night was the January Saturday Munch, the first munch of 2013, the first month of our 16th year.

That alone still seems amazing.

Both Friday and Saturday munch were large ones, which is usually the case.

I think the reason is at least two-fold.

On one hand, I think people by January have gotten through the work parties and the family parties and all the holiday festivities.

Families are not always easy for kinky people.  We often feel as though we don’t fit in, as though we’re aliens at the table, or at least I do, and I doubt I’m alone there.

We spend time trying to blend and when we can stop it’s a relief and we go back to being who we are with the people we want to be.

Secondly, I think it has a lot to do with resolutions.

I think for a lot of people, one of the resolutions they make is to explore kink in a new year.  They’re tired of missing out, or feeling like they’re missing out on something.

They’ve spent a long time, decades sometimes, thinking about things they might want to experience, and now it’s a new year and all the talk about resolutions and life changes get to them.

Some people join a gym, some people come to a munch.

There were, then, not unexpectedly a lot of new people at both munches.  Traditionally February was always the biggest munch, for all the reasons listed above, plus the fact that I figured it took January for people to work up their courage to actually walk through the door.

It was a pleasant enough munch, though I did have to address something I’d have been happier not to, but that is not always the case.

There had been, apparently, some gossip that there had been differences between the Munch and Fringe Elements, which is preposterous, which is what I had to speak about.

I reminded people how close the Munch has always been to my heart, and how important it is to me.  I also invited anyone who believed there was a problem to bring it to me directly, and look me in the eye to tell me about it.

I doubt there will be anyone who will do it, because there rarely is, but I think I made my position clear, and that was the point of it.

Sometimes making it clear that you’re inviting people to confront you directly is the best way to ensure that they won’t.

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