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January 17, 2013 Bluegrass Leather PrideLeather Contests  No comments

We did our first Titleholder Preparation for the new year tonight.

We met at the local pizza joint where we’ve been doing munches for 15 years.  They give the basement over to us, and generally let us do pretty much whatever we want to do.

We had four people who are planning to run for my titles, and a couple that are preparing for international contests.

We talked about what good reasons are to run for a title, because you think you have something to say, because you want a platform, because you want to serve your community.

We talked about issues to consider like, can you afford to run for a title financially, can you afford it in terms of the time you have available, can your relationships afford it?

We talked about recognizing that running for a title almost always leads to at least some outing.  You may not necessarily have your name on the front page of the paper, but it’s entirely possible that people will learn about your kinks.

The story we talked about was a couple of years ago when we had a Leather Pride float in the Gay Pride Parade.  As it turned out, we happened to be the first float in the parade because we were where we were supposed to be.  We were using a truck, with titleholders just standing in the bed.

As it happened, the Master and slave couple, Charles and jacki, were in the front and, because we were the first float, we were on most of the local and regional news feeds.

Meaning Charles, who is, while not narrow, very straight, was on the opening footage of the Gay Pride Parade.

He got some calls, he got some questions from friends and family, and it was a situation one couldn’t have anticipated, either.

We talked about what to expect if you win, what happens to your life.  We talked about the components of contests, and what matters about those components.

We talked about the kinds of questions you should absolutely know the answer to, including, what are your best qualities, what are your worst, what will you do if you win, what will you do if you lose, and why are you running.

We talked about how to answer a question, how to prepare for the actual contest, what to do – get rest, be on time, make sure you are organized, and what not to do – don’t drink, don’t hide in your room, and, the standing joke, don’t sleep with any of the judges.

We’ll do more preparation, but it was nice to get that started.

I also spent my day working on my Bluegrass Leather Pride website and registration, and I have that nearly ready to go live.  I expect it will be up tomorrow.  Hurray for me.

I’m also going to talk about Kinky Bloggers tomorrow, I believe.  Stay tuned!


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