Titleholder Preparations

January 27, 2013 Bluegrass Leather PrideLeather Contests  2 comments

We had one of the titleholder preps we do in Louisville tonight.  We do preparations for people planning to run for titles and tonight we had five potential contestants and seven or eight of us who were working with them, asking questions, giving feedback on the questions that were being given and the way they were given.

We talked about why they wanted to hold the titles for which they were running, what they thought they brought to the table that other contestants might not, what part spirituality played in their Leather lives, why they were running for the title they were running for.

It’s always interesting to hear how people answer those questions, and I’m generally pleased with where we are.  We have more work, but things are going well.

Then we had the Sunday munch after, and that was fun, but it’s nearly bedtime now.  More tomorrow, I swear.

2 comments to Titleholder Preparations

  • Wordwytch  says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts on this. It’s sort of like standing back stage and having the narrator explain what’s going on. 🙂

  • jade  says:

    It must mean so much to have your expertise for something that i have been told is very intense and grueling. i certainly would never want to run for anything and admire the people who do. Having seen a bit of the backstage process, it makes a big difference when the people running for titles feel supported. i think the people who do your part of the work have more work than people who are actually running.

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