August of 2016

August 13, 2016 Kink and BDSM  4 comments

So, here it is August of 2016, and mid-August at that.  The year is nearly two-thirds over, and summer is beginning to look a little ragged, the way you feel at the end of too long a night of too good of a time.  Leaves are a little brown around the edges, most of the flowers have come and gone, and the fall flowers, asters and mums, are still biding their time to make a showy appearance in a month or so.

I finally have this blog up and running again, but due to my own stupidity, my backup only went back to the swap over from the original WordPress site, but not what I’d added again.  I do have copies of them, just not in the format they were originally created.  My plan, then, is to begin to post them, again, probably interspersed with new work.

You can see my snazzy book on the right, and do please feel free to buy it.  I’m really pleased to have it available, and hopefully more will be on the way in the next months.

I have been judging, and presenting, and working with contestants.  One of my favorite photos recently showed almost all of my titleholders over the years, and it was really touching to see them all gathered in one place.  We have Great Lakes coming up again in another couple of months and I have high hopes for this year’s set of titleholders to do well there.

I’ve been to a couple of events this year I’d not been to before, IMsL and SINergy for another.  I got to see at least one of my people that I don’t see often, and got to finally see – and fall in love with – his impossibly adorable dog, Viola.  As I said to him, you’re no troll, but your dog is REALLY cute.

I also got to a new event, Enclave, in one of my favorite cities, Columbus, and to Beyond Leather, always a favorite in Fort Lauderdale.  I’ll be at SELF in another couple of weeks, then my travels are done for the rest of the year, so far as I know.

So, you’ll see this entry, and others, some will be new, some will be a bit recycled, but hey, recycling is good, right?

Here’s that photo.  Don’t I have pretty kids?

Most of my titleholders, at Mr Kentucky Leather contest.

4 comments to August of 2016

  • olivia  says:

    Yes, ma’am, you have lovely kids! Glad to see you’re up and running again – snazzy new website and all!

    • Ms. Constance  says:

      Thank you much. While it was entirely my own fault, that didn’t make it any simpler to get it back up and running. I don’t know that I’ll be overly diligent on a daily basis, but I’d like to be able to post something when the mood hits.

  • jade  says:

    Welcome home to blogland. i’ve missed you! It was lovely getting to see you at BL and your presentation was the best! Your wit and love of what you do really shines through. i was too shy to say hello, though we were in five feet of each other repeatedly. It just seemed bad form to bother you when you were on your way into the dungeon but i really enjoyed watching your scene as the energy was lovely. i’m delighted you are back!

    • Ms. Constance  says:

      I’m SO sorry you didn’t speak! I had no idea you were there. I would have enjoyed getting to say hello, and I would NOT have been too busy, at all. Will you be there next year? Given that it’s the ten year anniversary for BL, I plan to be there, too, and if you don’t speak the next time, I’ll be terribly upset. 🙂

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