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August 15, 2016 Events  No comments

The summer is winding down.  School has already started here, a far cry from when we counted being off from June through August.

I mentioned a few things yesterday, but there is more going on in Louisville.  Our local leather bar, The Barracks, closed last weekend, allegedly to reopen later on.  We still have several other bars that are certainly friendly and welcoming to us, but none would identify as a leather bar.  It was a fun last evening, which was covered here – Great Lakes Den – with some nice photos, including one of yours truly.

The munches continue without interruption.  I usually make the Friday munches, unless I’m out of town, but I don’t make the Saturday ones too often these days, for no reason other than scheduling, and general busy-ness.  This October will mark 19 years for the munch, 19 years without ever skipping or cancelling a munch, and with only two hosts in that entire time.  I know of no other group or gathering with that longevity within the community.  New folks still show every month, and that’s also a good thing.

Fringe is long gone, and I had little to nothing to do with it for the last year or two, but it continued and offered a place for a lot of folks.  Now it’s been reborn as the ReMix, a nod to those of us who remember the original Mix, and seems to be doing well.  I’ve been a couple of times, but again, my schedule more often dictates what I do than I might like.  I’m happy there’s something like that available in the community.

I’ve presented on some different topics this year, though a class I have on crops and canes seems to have been the most popular this year.  I also did a class on Rituals in Relationships that I hadn’t done lately, and one on Imposing Poly and Kink on Existing Relationships.  Amusingly – to me at least – I was trying to say that basically so long as you’re reasonably sane and not genuinely dangerous, what you like is probably ok.  Unfortunately, I decided to use the terminology of not having “severed heads in your fridge.”

You know how that goes.  You pick a poor term and then in trying to extricate yourself, just keep making it worse, right?  I might, possibly, maybe have gotten a little obsessed with the term severed heads.  I might have used it more than once.  Maybe more than twice.  Um, possibly more than that.

If any of you are reading this, let me assure you, I do NOT have severed heads anywhere in my possession.  I swear.  Not even fake ones.  I swear.

I think I’ll save the rest for another time, and end on that whole severed head note…


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