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Twenty Years

October 8, 2017 Uncategorized  No comments

This has been a busy and successful week, and one that marked a couple of anniversaries for me.

Last weekend, we went to Indianapolis for Great Lakes Leather Alliance. This was the 15th of them I have attended, of the 16 that have been held. Fourteen years ago, I won for the title of Great Lakes Master and slave, along with slave drew. I also joined the Board of Directors for Great Lakes that same year.

This year, by the time the first night of the contest began on Friday, I had already been to a contestant meeting, and a producer meeting, taught two classes and talked to approximately one million people.

It’s a very packed contest when you have as many contestants as we did – two Sirs, four boys, three Ms contestants, three Master and slave couples, a bootblack, three puppies and three tr...

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